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Guest Post: Nicole on Beauty Tools

The best benefit of being a part of Canadian Beauty Bloggers is getting to know the other members, and the group is how I discovered Nicole from Nicole About Town. Once a month, I will be guest-posting on another member’s blog, and have them guest post on mine. This month our theme was beauty tools, and you can check out my post on Ivory Avenue here.

unnamed (6)One of the most important things in any makeup bag, and certainly in mine, are the makeup tools. Specifically, makeup brushes. And not just any makeup brushes, but rather the right ones; the good ones. Now you would think that selecting makeup brushes would be easy. Just a matter of running to your nearest drug store and picking up one of those packs of brushes they always have on sale, or maybe as simple as just using the applicators that come with the makeup itself. You know the ones I’m talking about. The sponge tip eye shadow applicators, or the teeny tiny little brushes that may or may not come with a blush. What about that pack of sponges that you can buy at the dollar store? Those have got to be great for applying your liquid foundation right? And you can find them just about anywhere!

Alas, I wish it was that easy. But anyone woman can tell you that it most certainly is not as simple as all that. Not by a long shot. Choosing the brushes involves a lot of trial and error. Sometimes you end up using the brushes you select, not for what they are specified for or what you even originally intended them for. Indeed, I have many brushes that were bought or intended to be used one way and upon trying them, I found a better way to use them that worked for me. Here I list my top five makeup brushes that I am guaranteed to reach for every time I do my makeup.

Crown Brush C45 Tapered Concealer BrushCrown Brush C425 Tapered Concealer Brush – This has got to be the cheapest brush I own, but one of the most frequently used brushes I own. I use this to apply concealer to define my eye brows as well as under my eyes or on any blemishes that I want to hide. I also use this one to do all of my contouring when I am doing my contouring with a liquid or gel based concealer as opposed to powder. Retailing at $5.00 CAD, it really is inexpensive enough for me to own like four different ones.

MAC 204 Lash BrushMAC 204 Lash Brush – This is apparently used for the application of mascara. *Confession* that is most certainly not what I use it for. I use this brush to tame my very unruly eyebrows! As you can see in the picture, my 204 Lash Brush is actually bent. I’ve had it so long that I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t supposed to be like that! This is a sturdy little brush, which is probably why I love it so much. I use it several times a day to make sure my brows stay in the shape that I want it to. I walk with this one in my makeup bag just so I don’t have to hear my mother say ‘Nicole, why are your eyebrows going in all different directions like that?’ This one retails for $18.00 CAD.

MAC 187 Duo Fibre BrushMAC187 Duo Fibre Face Brush – This is a must for me more so during the hotter months of the year. This brush is a legend when it comes to the MAC brushes. Most people use this one for mineralize blush, foundation, powder and so on. I myself, use this densely packed brush that is a mixture of goat hair and synthetic fibres to apply all of my cream blushes. The 187 Duo Fibre Brush is also called a ‘stippling’ brush and that is exactly how I use it to apply my cream blush. I apply the blush in a stippling motion and then proceed to blend the crap out of it. It’s only a bonus that it works really well for applying regular blush or highlights to your cheek bones as well. Retailing for $50.50 CAD this brush is more on the pricey side, but well worth the expense in my opinion.

MAC 109 Small Contour BrushMAC109 Small Contour brush – Way before there was a beauty blender sponge, I was still using a brush to apply my foundation. While I do actually own the MAC190 Foundation Brush, I don’t actually use that brush to apply my liquid foundation. No, instead I use another MAC Brush Legend in the MAC109 Small Contour Brush to apply any and all liquid foundation. Designed to be used for contouring with powder products, this actually works very well with liquid foundation.   The smaller size of the brush itself makes controlling the application of foundation much easier. $42.00 CAD

MAC 182 Buffer BrushMAC 182 Buffer Brush – Feast your eyes on this goodness. What you are looking at is the one brush I always use when doing my makeup. What do I use it for? Just like the name says, I use it to buff in my makeup. If I’ve applied my blush too heavily, I use this to sheer it out. If my foundation is not sitting as well as I want it to, I buff it out until it is flawless with this brush. I use it to make sure all of my setting powder is blended in, not to mention it removes any ‘debris’ that might be on my face. Retailing for $63.00 CAD, I actually have this brush in the limited edition version from the Couture Collection that was released back in 2006. I love this brush so much that I actually have two. One sits on my vanity at home and one has a permanent place in my makeup bag at all times.  This is another brush that is on the pricey side, and could probably consider it a splurge item. *Confession* when I bought my second one, the Couture Collection had been out of stores for at least a year. I actually bought it on EBay and it cost me close to $100.00 before shipping. To this date, this has been my most expensive single brush purchase, but due to how much I love it, I can’t really say that I regret it at all.

So there you have it, there are the essential makeup brushes that I reach for every time I apply my makeup. What about you? What are some of the essential makeup brushes on your list?

Thank you so much Nicole for stopping by. I love all the product recommendations! Make sure to check out Nicole About Town for more great posts! Check out the rest of the Canadian Beauty Blogger beauty tools posts here:

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