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Quite a few months ago I gave Kalyn Lord a challenge. Here she is with the results! P.S. Thank you Kalyn you did a wonderful job!

I love glitter. Who doesn’t love glitter? Notwithstanding the obvious, painful glitter removal issues, adding a little sparkle to your manicure is easy, fun, and can transform a drab nail look. Although it goes against every bit of my organizational/compulsive fiber to have an uneven 26 Glitter Nail Looks to share with you today…Zoë asked for it, and for a very special reason. Happy Birthday, Zoë!

As I said, glitter nail polish can be easy. I am by no means a nail art expert, so I guarantee you can all create similar looks at home. The easiest glitter mani? Add a little…or a lot.

Glitter Mani 1

You can also do a super-simple accent nail using a full-coverage micro-glitter, or you can switch it up and use a solid colour as your accent! If you’re feeling particularly shiny, you could do a glitter-on-glitter accent nail.

Glitter Manicures 2

Speaking of glitter-on-glitter, I just love pairing different glitters together. The effect is most pronounced if you go for completely different glitter sizes — mixing small and large, or completely different shaped glitter.

Glitter Mani 3

I especially like playing with finishes — you can rock a jelly glitter on its own, over a chromatic polish (bonus points if you use a holo glitter for added dimension!) or over a metallic.

Glitter Mani 4

Glitter is also so versatile because it comes in many shapes! You can always count on a shard-style glitter to add some dimension to your manicure — be it over a light or a dark base…

Glitter Mani 5

…whether you choose a rectangular shape, a circular shape, or both.

Glitter Mani 6

If you’re more interested in a fancy statement manicure, that’s easy, too. Just do a glitter tip…or a glitter base. (oh, and you can always dip the ends of your nails in loose glitter for some serious bling).

Glitter Mani 7

You can freehand some glitter work, too — from wet brushing or dry brushing…

Glitter Mani 8

…dots, spots, and stripes!

Glitter Mani 9

Speaking of dots — micro glitter polish can go over or under a cream colour for either maximum sparkle…or just a hint of glint.

Glitter Mani 10

And, of course, we can’t forget my favourite glitter manicure option, which combines multiple elements listed above. The best thing about glitter? No need for careful sponging — you can get a beautiful diamond-dipped look with only a few brushstrokes!

26 Glitter Manicures for Zoe Writing Whimsy

There you have it, folks – twenty six (glittery, purple) manicures in honour of my good friend Zoë — please join me in wishing her a happy birthday, and…of course…Happy Halloween!

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