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got2b mind-blowing collection

got2b Mind-Blowing CollectionAs I shared yesterday, I recently acquired my very first hair-dryer, and I realized, I’d been missing out. Plus, there’s a whole new range of styling products to go along with a hair dryer, which made it perfect timing to test out the new got2b mind-blowing collection which includes three products: got2b mind-blowing quick shape mousse*, got2b mind-blowing xpress dry styling spray* and the got2b mind-blowing fast dry hairspray*.

got2b Mind-Blowing quick shape MousseFirst off, there’s the got2b mind-blowing quick shape mousse, and I had honestly forgotten how nice mousse is for curly hair. Even using this product without any heat styling gave me more defined, less frizzy curls. Using it before blow-drying helps add shine, and I did find that my hair was softer when I used it. It also promises to add volume, although honestly, volume is not an issue I have when blow-drying my hair, so it was hard to tell!

got2b Mind-Blowing xpress Dry Styling SprayStep two is the got2b mind-blowing xpress dry styling spray, and although all three products list heat-protectant on their packaging, I believe this is the one that really does the job. It also made my hair shinier and sleeker when I used it. Plus, if you add it before blow drying is should make your hair dry faster. Again, this was hard for me to really, scientifically test, but I do believe it was the case. I actually use the got2b guardian angel heat protectant every time I straighten my hair, but that is very clearly labelled as being good til 425 C, and I wish that this one was too so I would feel confident using it on its own instead of doubling up. I really don’t want to damage my hair!

got2b Mind-Blowing fast dry HairsprayThe final step is the got2b mind-blowing fast dry hairspray. I like adding a spritz of hair spray after straightening my hair to ward off frizzies, but this product is definitely a light hold. You can apply it to your hair and then ‘puff’ it up for added volume, kinda like a dry shampoo, or use it on its own if you want a very flexible hold. I don’t mind it and I know not everyone wants the crunchy feeling, but I prefer something stronger. Given the industrial size of the can though, I’ll be using this one for awhile!

got2b Mind-BlowingIf you regularly use heat on your hair, it’s great to have styling products that keep that in mind, like the new got2b mind-blowing collection. All three products have their perks, and I’ll definitely be applying the got2b mind-blowing xpress dry styling spray every time I blow-dry my hair just in case it speeds up the process, but  I think my favourite is got2b mind-blowing quick shape mousse because it works nicely regardless of how I choose to style my hair afterwards.

Do you blow dry your hair? Let me know if you use any special styling products if you do!

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