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got2b All-Star Perfecting Cream

got2b All-Star Perfecting CreamI’ve been getting a lot of use out of the got2b mind-blowing collection, but I had to put it aside for the past couple weeks to test out the brand new got2b All-Star Perfecting Cream* instead. This styling cream promises ten benefits including shape, smoothness, shine, and volume–I will say a couple of the benefits sound a bit redundant (volume and fullness, shine and shimmer) but even so I was excited to see what it could do for my hair.

got2b All-Star Perfecting Cream 2The got2b All-Star Perfecting Cream comes in a pump container and is a white, shimmery cream. I wish the packaging was transparent, but then, I always wish that. The cream actually has a really nice to scent to it, and I apply a couple pumps to my hands, rub them together and then run it through towel-dried hair from roots to ends.

got2b All-Star Perfecting Cream 3When using the got2b All-Star Perfecting Cream the end result is definitely shinier, smoother hair–along with added volume. I actually have curly hair that doesn’t want any volume help, but other than that I really like the result, because my dry hair feels a lot silkier and smoother when using this because of the Marula oil in it. I keep wanting to touch my hair because of how soft it feels.

Overall, the got2b All-Star Perfecting Cream isn’t a product I’d use on its own in my hair because I don’t needed the added volume it offers. However, I really do like the shine and smoothness, so paired with a product that weighs my hair down a bit, it’s perfect. Definitely worth checking out next time you’re at the drugstore!

What’s your favourite hair styling product?

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