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Good Things Come in Small Packages with

Good Things Come in Small Packages with 3

I had a really great first experience when I tried out Prada Candy from (reviewed here) so I am really excited to collaborate with them again on this post. As soon as I was brainstorming holiday I thought about gift sets, and from gift sets I went to the mini perfumes and has an amazing selection of adorable little fragrances and gift sets. So yes, sometimes good things come in small packages and that includes these four fragrance variety sets from Anna Sui*, Chloe*, Marc Jacobs* and Vera Wang*.

FragranceNet Chloe Variety 3 FragranceNet Chloe Variety 2 FragranceNet Chloe Variety

The Chloe Variety Set includes 0.17 oz minis of Chloe, L’Eau De Chloe, Love, Chloe Eau Florale and See By Chloe. These little bottles are miniature replicas of the full size which not only makes them a great way to try out the fragrances, but also pretty adorable to display.

Although I have tried a few Chloe fragrances in the past, out of these four in the  Chloe Variety Set, the only one I’ve tried is the original Chloe Eau de Parfum (reviewed here), which is a light fresh floral with strong notes of rose. L’Eau De Chloe is a lighter version of the floral scent with a crisp, citrus lean to it. Love, Chloe Eau Florale is a powdery sweet pea scent with fresh notes of green tea–I really enjoyed this one and I’d definitely be interested in a larger bottle. Finally, See By Chloe (which I broke the cap for, sorry!) is a fresh, lightly fruity floral which is pretty perfect for spring and definitely one I prefer to the Chloe See by Chloe Si Belle I tried previously.

FragranceNet Anna Sui Variety 3 FragranceNet Anna Sui Variety FragranceNet Anna Sui Variety 2When I tried my first Anna Sui scent, La Vie De Boheme, I was immediately interested in trying more and with the FragranceNet Anna Sui Variety Set that has finally happened. This set includes 5 0.13 oz minis in the scents Dolly Girl, Flight Of Fancy, Fairy Dance, Secret Wish and Forbidden Affair. While the bottles aren’t quite as ornate as the full-sized options, they still contain the same great fragrances and they are also pretty adorable–I know, I keep saying that, but is there a better word to describe mini perfumes?

Dolly Girl is a a fruity floral with strong melon and bergamot notes–definitely reaching for this one again during the summer! Flight of Fancy is a juicy citrus with strong notes of lemon and yuzu…yup, also want to wear this one during the summer. Fairy Dance is another fruity floral with juicy notes of mango blended with soft notes of rose and bamboo. Secret Wish has crisp notes of lemon mixed with juicy pineapple and a light base of woodsy musk. Finally, Forbidden Affair has strong sparkling notes of blackcurrant and raspberry with soft rose and woodsy notes.

FragranceNet Marc Jacobs Variety 2 FragranceNet Marc Jacobs Variety 3 FragranceNet Marc Jacobs Variety

I was especially excited about the FragranceNet Marc Jacobs Variety Set because I adore Marc Jacobs fragrance (and have reviewed quite a few of them in the past). This set includes 0.13 oz minis of Dot, Daisy Dream, Daisy and Honey fragrances. Out of the three sets, I’ve got to admit I especially love these minis. Marc Jacobs just has such great packaging to begin with, and these shrunken butterflies and flowers are even cuter.

Dot is is a fruity red berry and dragon fruit mixed with white floral. Daisy Dream (reviewed here) is a mix of blackberry and floral notes with a juicy lychee. Daisy (reviewed here) is a sweet fruity strawberry with floral violet leaf, gardenia and jasmine. Finally, Honey is a light sweet blend of honeysuckle, pear, honey.

FragranceNet Vera Wang Variety 3 FragranceNet Vera Wang Variety 2 FragranceNet Vera Wang Variety

As adorable as the miniatures are, sometimes a rollerball format is just more convenient. I already loved Vera Wang fragrance, but one small enough to carry around in my purse? Even better. The FragranceNet Vera Wang Variety Set includes 0.33 oz rollerballs in Vera Wang Princess, Vera Wang Princess Night, and Vera Wang Pink Princess.

Vera Wang Princess (reviewed here) is a delicious vanilla, with hints of chocolate and guava. Vera Wang Princess Night is a sugary vanilla with juicy notes of raspberry, berries and watermelon. Lastly, Vera Wang Pink Princess is a much juicier, sweet raspberry and pink grapefruit scent that’s much more summery than the other two Princess scents since there is no vanilla.

Good Things Come in Small Packages with

Of course, since I already own the full sizes of a few of these fragrances, I had to pose them with their new miniature friends. HOW CUTE IS THAT? BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE. I can clearly never finish either bottle now or I would have to separate them…

Good Things Come in Small Packages with 2

Although some of the sets featured here are currently sold out on, make sure to check out the site for a huge selection of fragrances at really reasonable prices. Personally, I love both the packaging and the scents inside these little minis, and if you are shopping just remember…good things come in small packages too!

Have you tried any of the fragrances featured in this post? Let me know if you have your own adorable collection of mini fragrances too! Honestly, now I have my eye on even more, like this little Philosophy Variety set or one that includes a Prada Candy mini…

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