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Gluten-Free Goods: Good Health Natural Foods

Gluten-Free GoodsI’ve shared this before, but I have celiac disease and I’m always looking for tasty (and maybe a little healthy) snacks that I can eat, which is why I’ve started this Gluten-Free Goods feature to share them! Today’s brand is Good Health Natural Foods*, which has a large variety of delicious gluten-free chips.

Good Health Natural Foods 11I have actually purchased MANY bags of sweet potato chips from Good Health Natural Foods (you can find them at the Bulk Barn), but I hadn’t tried any of their other varieties, so I was excited to test out six different kinds. It’s a hard life having to paint my nails and eat chips for my blog…

Good Health Natural Foods 7One of the cool things about Good Health Natural Foods is that they cook their chips using alternative, healthier oils such as olive oil and avocado oil. Of course, you’re still eating chips, but if you can make them a little better for you, might as well! The Good Health Natural Foods Olive Oil Potato Chips with Sea Salt are a yummy, crunchy kettle style chip.

Good Health Natural Products 5 The second chip flavour in this Gluten-Free Goods post is the Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt from Good Health Natural Foods. I actually don’t like pepper, so these weren’t a big hit with me, as they do have a pretty strong pepper element. My boyfriend described them as “Good for people who like pepper.”

Good Health Natural Foods 9Probably the most unusual flavour was the Good Health Natural Foods Olive Oil Potato Chips in Rosemary. There was actually a generous amount of rosemary, giving the chips an interesting savoury element. I love rosemary on my potatoes, but I have never though to have it on chips! It was good though.

Good Health Natural Foods 3There are also several options with Avocado Oil, including the Barcelona Barbecue, which was a really good barbecue because it felt authentic without being overwhelming. The kettle style is definitely my favourite for chips because of how crunchy the rustic style is.

Good Health Natural Foods 6The Good Health Natural Food Avocado Oil Potato Chips with a pinch of Sea Salt were definitely a favourite of mine, as it’s just a delicious classic chip that’s not overwhelming on the salt. Yum!

Good Health Natural Foods 10The final flavour my boyfriend devoured almost right after I was able to take this photos, because we have been loving these for years and they are definitely a delicious treat! The Good Health Natural Food Glories Sweet Potato Chips are so good. They have a hint of sweet from the potato, mixed with the sea salt. If you have never tried sweet potato chips before… you are really missing out.

Good Health Natural FoodsJust looking at the photo in my Gluten-Free Goods post makes me sad we have already eaten these chips. I already knew I liked this brand but it was a lot of fun trying more flavours from Good Health Natural Foods. Chips are something I would have assumed were gluten-free before I had celiac disease, and it really surprised me how many aren’t, so if you are looking for some delicious ones definitely check out the offerings from Good Health Natural Foods.

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