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Gluten-Free Goods: The Good Bean + GIVEAWAY

Gluten-Free GoodsI’ve mentioned it in a few posts, especially when I’ve done tea or food subscription box reviews, but I have Celiac disease. As a result, I’ve been on a gluten-free diet for over three years–and I feel much better! I love trying new gluten-free foods and learning gluten-free recipes, so I thought I’d bring that love to Writing Whimsy by starting a new feature called Gluten-Free Goods, where I share gluten-free products I’ve been trying out lately.

The Good Bean 2I’m super excited that the very first Gluten-Free Goods I get to share a brand that makes a product I really love, The Good Bean*. I’m also thrilled they’re going to give away their entire collection so one of you can try it too! I was really interested in this brand the second I discovered them on Vitacoast (a website I have a habit of buying from a little too often! You can sign up using this link for $10 off your first order.)  They have a lot of flavours, but what they basically sell are dried, crunchy chickpeas that are gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, and full of flavour. In 2012, they also added a snack bar to their line up as well.

The Good Bean 3The Good Bean products are available in two different sizes, a larger (170 g) bag that’s great for sharing, and a smaller bag (70 g) that’s perfect for putting in your purse or taking with you on the go. As somebody who can never rely on there being food I can safely eat, I am used to having snacks on me! These chickpeas are a great, healthy, protein-filled option.

There are three new flavours from The Good Bean, and I was sent all three of them in the larger size. The first one is Mesquite BBQ, a very flavourful barbeque with a salty kick to it that my boyfriend loved (he ate most of these but I tried a few for the review). I was also surprised with how much I like Thai Coconut Lemongrass, the Thai seasoning is great and they also have a tiny bit of a kick to them. I don’t really taste the coconut although I do get a hint of lime.

The final new flavour is Chocolate, which I know, sounds crazy but these cocoa and vanilla chickpeas are actually delicious (although my preference is still for the other sweet flavour available!) If you’re going to sit around and snack on a bunch of something, I think The Good Bean is a fantastic option because it has the satisfying crunch of chips while being filled with protein and fiber. Not bad for a treat!

The Good Bean 5The snack-sized bags I was sent from The Good Bean consist of their original line, including Smoky Chili & Lime. It’s a little spicy and the lime is very subtle, however one thing I noticed about all of these products is that they are incredibly flavourful and it’s not one of those brands where “health” means “forget to season”. My boyfriend loved these ones too, but I managed to grab a handful!

The Sea Salt option is a classic salty chickpea with a satisfying crunch, and would definitely be a good replacement for chips or crackers. I took mine to work and reached for a few when I had a craving.

I actually don’t like pepper at all, so I was dreading trying the Cracked Pepper flavour, and it is very peppery. However, if you really like pepper, these are worth trying! As for me, they were sadly a miss (the things I try for this blog…)

The final flavour of chickpea snacks I tried from The Good Bean is easily one of my favourites, and that’s Sweet Cinnamon. These are really delicious, sweet and crunchy and what a perfect treat. You wouldn’t think chickpeas could be such a dessert but these really are!

The Good Bean 4The Good Bean also sells Fruit & No-Nut Bars that are protein-filled packages of trail mix without the nuts! I think these would be especially great for anyone with a nut allergy or if your child can’t take nut-products to school. I got the apricot coconut and fruit & seed trial mix bars to try. The apricot coconut had real chunks of apricot in it that you can definitely taste, and it was quite dense, but filling as a result of all the chickpeas.
The Good BeanNow that you’ve read my thoughts on The Good Bean (hopefully… unless you just scrolled to the bottom of the post for the giveaway!) it’s time for you to get a chance to win their product and try it out for yourself. This is open to Canada and the US, and will end October 6th at midnight. The winner will get the same package of snacks I did– one of everything! Luckily, The Good Bean is sending it directly or I’d be tempted to sneak out the Sweet Cinnamon one…
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