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Glittering Elements Mermaid Spell

Glittering Elements Mermaid Spell 2I love themes, even if I’m not always great at them, and similar to Julep July some Canadian Beauty Bloggers including myself decided to feature indie polish brands. I didn’t have quite the stamina for another daily swatch fest (plus, that would require changing my polish much more often than I like to with indies!) but I will be doing my best to join in at least weekly with Indie August, starting with a polish I was lucky enough to get in a swap, Glittering Elements Mermaid Spell.

Glittering Elements Mermaid SpellI haven’t tried any other polishes from the brand, but when I found somebody willing to swap Glittering Elements Mermaid Spell, I was pretty shocked. It looked like such a gorgeous blue holo and I couldn’t understand how anyone would want to part with it. And then I put it on. The truth is, there is only one issue with this polish, but it’s a big one–opacity.

Glittering Elements Mermaid Spell 4In these photos I am wearing FOUR coats of Glittering Elements Mermaid Spell. FOUR. And you can definitely still see VNL, although it’s not incredibly noticeable with inside lighting. The formula itself is nice, as is the brush, but I refuse to apply that many coats plus a base and top coat. The solution is that the polish is sheer enough with one coat that it could be layered on top of black, and I think that would give a really pretty look as well. The only issue was I was a little too angry at it after four coats to try.
Glittering Elements Mermaid Spell 3Wear time Glittering Elements Mermaid Spell is okay, it was chipping pretty badly by the end of day three, but I can also be a bit tough no my hands. It looked so pretty and holographic in the sun though! I even managed to grab a photo. However, I have tried other holos and I know they don’t need to be so sheer, so although there are many other polishes from the brand I would love to try that look gorgeous, I would recommend skipping over Glittering Elements Mermaid Spell.

Indie-AugustLet’s end summer with a little bit of Indie Lovin’, and a whole bunch of fabulous, sparkly, gorgeously unique nail polishes. Be sure to head over to, Workaday Ramblings, and Writing Whimsy for full coverage! Don’t forget to play along by tagging your own manicures with the #IndieAugust tag!

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