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Friday Favourites: November 28th 2014

Alright, here’s the truth, I’m getting awfully lazy about these Friday Favourites. So lazy, I didn’t actually share any last week. But after a little encouragement from the lovely Natalie, I decided to share them again this week. I do have some good ones!

1. Popcorn Indiana Black and White Popcorn

This is your fault @megfish8 ! #glutenfree #snack #treat #cantdecideonaflavour

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I have a problem, and it’s chocolate covered popcorn. Originally recommend by Megan, I didn’t think it would be sold in Canada, but when I managed to track it down I had to try it. The next time I went back and got both Popcorn Indiana Black and White Popcorn, and the peanut butter flavour, but Black and White is definitely my favourite. Gluten-free and absolutely decadent, this stuff is TERRIBLE for you, but it tastes divine.

2. Sons of Anarchy (Seasons 1 & 2) Sons of Anarchy CollageI picked up a Collector’s Set of Sons of Anarchy for my boyfriend for Hanukkah, and of course gave it to him early so we could start watching…we have been watching a lot, and have made it through two and a half seasons. It’s about a motorcycle gang in a small town called Charming, and it is bloody and intense. Honestly, this show is jam-packed with terrible things happening, but it is incredibly well done and has a really interesting cast of characters.

3. Green Smoothies

I just love my #mango #spinach and #matcha #smoothies ! #yum #breakfast A photo posted by Zoë (@writingwhimsy) on

Technically, my smoothies have been “green” for awhile because I have been adding matcha powder to them which I love, but this week I decided to add in some spinach too and it is a success. It’s a great way for me to get some extra vegetables, and the mango, matcha and spinach combo works out much better than you would expect for a sentence like that. Personally, I like adding some flax seed, orange juice and water, but I have also made plenty in the past with almond milk instead. If I ever come up with anything unique enough I’ll try to do a blog post on it.

4. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

the_hunger_games__mockingjay_part_1__fan_art__by_phoenixpx-d6ul9fzI almost forgot to add this in because I saw it last Sunday, but I was so excited to see the latest Hunger Games film! It was good, but I will say, I don’t think it was necessary to divide it up into two and as a result parts did drag on more than necessary. But they could divide it into 8 parts and I would still go see them all… Plus it was fun to get out and go to the movies since I hadn’t been in quite awhile, and I had a nice serving of cotton candy while I was there, because I am approximately six years old at heart.

5. Black Friday Sales

This is sorta a conflicted favourite, because the actual idea of the sales makes me want to hibernate inside and never leave, but the online option means I’ve had a chance to purchase a new camera (T5i, coming soon to a blog near you) for a better price, as well as some unnecessary but fun Sephora goodies. Also, I bought a set of knives and stayed up WAY too late last night.

Did you grab anything in the sales? How has your week been?

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