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Friday Favourites: December 5th 2014

I need to make a little banner for these Friday Favourites…well, next week! Late in the day as always (I like to include Friday, which means at least some of it has to happen first) but I had plenty of things to love this week.

1. Miss Meringue Meringue Cookies in Vanilla

I blame vitacost but I’m addicted to these meringues! Cappuccino and vanilla, #glutenfree #yum #treat

A photo posted by Zoë (@writingwhimsy) on

My instagram photo of these is from back in August, but I recently made another Vitacost order (I’m a little hooked, click here for $10 off your first $30+ order if you’re interested) and couldn’t resist including a box of the vanilla ones, which I prefer to the cappuccino. And of course you need to order at least 2… Suffice it to say, one box has been devoured and I’m sure the other isn’t far behind. These gluten-free meringues are just sugar, but they are delicious and I have a pretty big sweet tooth! 

2. Secret Santas

As a part of the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network, we had a Secret Santa gift exchange between bloggers and my present just arrived today! I I love it, and I’m also super excited for my partner to finally get her package next week. I also sent off a care package to the lovely Natalie, and I’m pretty excited for that too, I love sending off (and receiving) mail 🙂 It’s part of what is so fun about blogging!

3. Sons of Anarchy (Season 3)

sonsofanarchyseas3artpiYup still watching it! We finished up Season 3 and just started Season 4. Season 3 was good, with a sorta random detour into Ireland, but quite intense and it left things really influx for Season 4–which I’ll talk about next week, but it really feels like a lot is going to be be dealt with this season. There’s two weeks before I leave and still a few more seasons to go, so I hope we have the chance to finish it in 2014!

4. New Knives

Apparently, I’m just using my instagram for inspiration this week! But the truth is, it’s so so exciting when you get the chance to replace something that was pretty crummy but basically did the job with something much nicer, and my brand new knife set which was a Black Friday doorcrasher from Future Shop arrived and they are stainless steel and gorgeous. The previous set was about $20 from Walmart and starting to rust. They lasted us three years, and I’m so excited be onto better things!


I am so so excited about my new friends!! #haul #bbloggersCA #mail A photo posted by Zoë (@writingwhimsy) on

I have just barely unboxed it, but my brand new Canon T5i is here! I got it with the 18-135 mm lens, and ordered a 40 mm to come with it through an awesome promo for Black Friday. It is here just in time for my trip, which was the main reason I ordered it, but it will be a really amazing change when blogging too! I cannot wait to test it out.

What’s your week been like? Any favourites to share?

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