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Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum

Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum 3Another month, another serum? That seems to be the trend these days, but I’ve taken a break from testing out new brightening serums (especially since I fell in love with my last one!) and added in a hydrating one instead. I’ve loved almost everything I’ve tried from Fresh, but I hadn’t really delved into their skincare until the Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum*.

Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum 4Before I can really talk about the Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum there’s something I have to get out of the way–it has a fairly strong rose scent. I love rose, and I love the scent,  but I feel like that’s going to be a deal-breaker for some people. It’s a natural rose scent, and it isn’t surprising in a rose serum, but if that’s not going to work for you, then you’ll want to pass on this product. If you love rose like I do, then keep reading!

Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum 2The Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum comes in a opaque white container that has an interesting pump you can twist up and then lock into place, which I quite enjoy. It’s a white, milky gel liquid that I like to apply at night to help boost my moisturizer, since I tend to stick to products with SPF in the morning. It’s a lightweight product that does absorb nicely into my skin and there’s no greasy or tacky feeling so it could easily work in the morning as well.

Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum 5I didn’t see any real difference to the radiance of my skin when using the Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum, except that keeping it well moisturized is always going to make it look better. It helped even out the texture of my skin and I noticed I didn’t have any dry patches while using it. I also find it quite soothing to use and I feel like it helps calm my skin after washing it and before applying moisturizer.

Fresh Rose Hydrating Face SerumThe Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum is only one step in the rose line of skincare from Fresh, which includes a soothing Rose Floral Toner I loved. It’s the second product I’ve tried from the line, but I’ve enjoyed them both so I decided to pick up a little Fresh Rose Face Mask as a Sephora perk and I’m really excited to try that. Do you like rose skincare?

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