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Fresh Holiday Gift Guide: Fresh Skincare Affair & Fresh Sugar Lip Delight

Fresh Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Fresh Skincare Affair 5I really love all the great holiday value sets that brands come up with (I mean, just check out my Sephora Sale Recommendations) but one brand in particular I always look forward to is Fresh. Last year I got hooked on the Fresh Holiday sets, and now I’m back with a  Fresh Holiday Gift Guide 2015 edition which includes the Fresh Skincare Affair* and Fresh Sugar Lip Delight* sets.

Fresh Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Fresh Skincare Affair Fresh Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Fresh Skincare Affair 2As much as I talk about how much I love Fresh, I’ve got to admit that most of what I’ve tried from the brand has been their lip balms (again, and again, and again) so the Fresh Skincare Affair was a great way for me to test out some of their other products. This set retails for $85 and has a $114 value, so it’s a great purchase for somebody who already loves Fresh and needs to restock, or somebody looking to try out the brand for the first time.

Fresh Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Fresh Skincare Affair 4The Fresh Skincare Affair includes a great mix of products such as the Soy Face Cleanser, which is gentle, and I like the way it works but I’m not a big fan of the cucumber scent. However, this size is also perfect for travel, and I tried it, along with the Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment, which is also included in this set, in the Fresh Fix duo last year. I don’t find the Advanced Therapy hugely different than the regular balms, which are already incredibly moisturizing, but I’m still a massive fan–it even made it into my Top 5 Nighttime Lip Balms! Fresh Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Fresh Skincare Affair 3In terms of new-to-me products, there’s the very hydrating Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, which I’ve already enjoyed using, as well as the Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil–which I think I’m in love with despite the scent–and the Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream, which is nice and lightweight. Just a warning that all three products smell like they sound: tea, seaberry and rose. Overall, this set is a great value with a full skincare regime to make your skin look and feel great during the winter months.

Fresh Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Fresh Sugar Lip Delight Swatches 3 Fresh Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Fresh Sugar Lip Delight Swatches 2Of course, if you want to stick to the classics, there are several Lip Treatment only sets from Fresh, and the one I have for my Fresh Holiday Gift Guide is a pretty great one, the Fresh Sugar Lip Delight. This set includes 7 mini Fresh Lip Treatments and is comparable to the Fresh Sugar Legends set I reviewed last year. As always, the minis are packaged in the same colour-coordinated metal tubes as the originals, with the same great product inside, just half the amount.

Fresh-Holiday-Gift-Guide-2015-Fresh-Sugar-Lip-Delight-SwatchesI only swatched the 5 pigmented shades in the set, but Fresh Sugar Lip Delight lineup includes the latest shimmery Fig shade (reviewed here), Ruby, Tulip, Rosé (which I reviewed here) and Nude as well as the sheer Untinted Balm and Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment. I love that Fresh went with new shades from last year, so if you haven’t managed to use them up (Fresh balms are probably the only lip product I actually finish!) the only doubles are Tulip and Rosé.

Fresh Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Fresh Sugar Lip Delight Swatches 4In terms of how I feel about the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, well, I’ve made that very clear with my reviews. I adore everything from the sleek packaging to the lemon scent to the sheer wash of colour to most of all the incredibly moisturizing way they feel on the lips. Oh, and if the Fresh Sugar Lip Delight set isn’t enough and you want to go all in, make sure to check out the Fresh Sugar Lip Kissing Vault which includes 12 full size balms and makes a pretty incredible gift. To yourself…

Fresh Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Fresh Sugar Lip Delight Swatches 5I feel like I haven’t really treated this Fresh Holiday Gift Guide like a gift guide because I’ve mostly talked about buying these products for yourself. Honestly, that’s because that’s what I would do… However, both the Fresh Skincare Affair and Fresh Sugar Lip Delight sets are gorgeously packaged, with amazing products inside that anyone would be lucky to receive as a gift. Just, uh, don’t ask me to share mine…

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