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FREE Shoppers Drug Mart Haul (3)

I’ve been (pretty) good about buying things at Shoppers Drug Mart lately after my two bigger hauls in May (see one and two here) although I did pick up a few other things I didn’t bother blogging about. However there hasn’t been much I really need and I’ve been trying to work on the products I do have.

Still, last weekend there was a redemption promotion for Shoppers Optimum points (which I am a big fan of) where you could cash in 80,000 for $200 of merchandise. All you have to pay is the tax. That’s $65 more than 80,000 points will usually get you! In other words, it’s a very excellent deal and even though I am on some kind of low buy, I decided to cash in my points (I still have about 8,000 left) and spend them. Here’s what I got.

shoppers haul 3

–Dove Frizz Proof Cream-Serum: I’m always looking for the next miracle hair product and Dove’s stuff was on sale for $3 which I believe was over half off (usual price $7) however it was mostly mousses (which I don’t use) and hair sprays (which I don’t really need) so I just went with this one.

Werther’s Original Chewy Caramels: Because they’re delicious.

Yes to Carrots Nourishing Shampoo: On my quest to find a good shampoo free of all the bad stuff I figured I’d give this one a try as I really like this brand so far. It was on sale for $7 which isn’t bad considering the bottle is pretty large (500 mL). It’s still got awhile before I get to using it but I will share my thoughts when I do!

Life Sport Sunscreen: Pretty self-evident given the time of year, I figured we could use some more waterproof spray sunscreen for the beach.

Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Powered Contour Cleansing System: I obviously won’t be buying a Clarisonic any time soon but I figured I’d check this out. It was $18 on sale and I normally wouldn’t have gotten it but this was one of those fun items I wanted to try and since I wasn’t paying I figured I’d test it out.

Colgate Optic White Cool Mint: For some reason I saw quite a few references to this toothpaste on YouTube and blogs lately and people seem to love it so since it was $3 I decided to test it out. I still have more Crest Pro-Health to use up and I do like that, but figure I’ll give this a shot.

5 Beta Gum: Despite all my purchases I was actually $3.60 under the $200 redemption so I grabbed a three-pack of this gum to test out and it is AMAZING. I was planning to tuck some in a care package for a friend but I may have to go get more first. If you like berry, I really recommend this.

shoppers haul 1

I got a few new Essence products to test out because I know how much Chantal from Chantal’s Corner loves them, especially the polish! They are cute little bottles for only $2 so I figure it is an easy way to test them out. The light is horrible for the colours but I will definitely share them as I wear them.

Shiseido Facial Cotton: I had heard this highly recommended a few times but the first source was Lesley from Petite Pear Style who swears by them, and I know Chantal loves them too, and well, I’ve only used one because I should really use up my other cotton first, but add me to the club! They may be $9 but it’s quite a big pack and it feels like Heaven on your face. Totally worth it.

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in (04) Sunset Paradise (LE from the Summer Collection), (128) Let’s Get Lost, and (133) Oh My Glitter!: There’s not a ton of selection of colours but I already loved the dark blue from Chantal’s swatches and the purple and teal-ish shade caught my eye as well. If I’d realized I’d be under budget (see the gum ^) I probably would have grabbed more but I think this is a nice batch of shades to try out.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush and Honey: The first one is for a care package for a friend and then I just had to pick one up for myself! These are usually around $11 at Shoppers and were on sale for $7, plus I had heard great things and I really wanted to try them, so the timing was quite perfect. I have tried mine out and I ADORE it. Review coming soon!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barley Branded: This was actually the shade I wanted when I couldn’t find Seashore Frost, until the sales lady pointed out Icy Mint and I picked it up instead.  Well I ended up returning that (the only time I’ve returned an open product, but it was horrible and even the sales lady agreed, sheer and patchy). So anyway glad to finally get this one, it should make for a nice neutral base.

Essence Sharpener: Hoping it works for these old jumbo Sephora eye crayons I have that I want to use up but have no idea where the sharpener went.

Essence Brow Pencil in Black: I have a brow kit from ELF but find it kinda hard to use and not quite dark enough so I figured I’d test this out. I haven’t really done anything brow-wise in the past, but am interesting in testing it out.

The main thing I was looking for coming into this redemption was to test out the Clinique skincare routine. However it is way outside my usual budget. I went with products for Type 3 Skin (Combination to Oily) and although I am sorta wanting to finish up a few products first, I am so excited to use these!

shoppers haul 2

A lot of the inspiration and suggestions behind my Clinique purchases came from a lovely lady on YouTube Mackenzie or lalalalalalea whose videos I highly recommend. I got all 3 steps in their 3-step skin care routine along with a scrub to compliment it. I had also wanted an eye cream but they were sold out of the normal kind (All About Eyes) so that will have to wait for a future purchase (maybe!).

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula

Clinique Clarifying Lotion (3)

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula

shoppers haul 4

And because I checked out using the beauty counter I got a few little samples to test out too. I always try to use that counter at Shoppers when I can… I love samples and I know I’ll have a good time trying these all out. It was also nice to get less perfume than some of my other visits.

Taylor by Taylor Swift

Very Irresistble by Givency

Clarins Extra Firming Foundation (x2)

Esstee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Acne Care

I tried to be reasonable about what I bought, and in addition to what I shared I did pick up 2 more deodorants for my boyfriend ($8 value) because they were several dollars off so it seemed like good timing. Clinique items aside, I mainly shopped like I would had I not been using my points. But it was fun to be spendy and test out some high end products and although it’ll be a long time until my points are ready to cash in again, I know I have lots of great stuff to use in the meantime.

Did you take advantage and cash in your Shoppers points? Or do you use any other loyalty programs that let you have fun shopping sprees like this? Let me know what you think of the products I picked up!

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