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So..? Fragrance in Kiss Me and Sinful

So..? Fragrance in Kiss Me and Sinful  4If you’ve been following this blog awhile, it’s pretty obvious how I feel about fragrances… as in, I own a lot and it’s not too many. Some of the first fragrances I remember, even before my interest started, are the So..? Fragrances, so I got to experience a bit of nostalgia with So..? Fragrance in Kiss Me* and Sinful*.

So..? Fragrance in Kiss Me and Sinful  2So..? Fragrance come in both body fragrance and eau de toilette formats. While the EdT is smaller and longer lasting, the body fragrance comes in an aerosal can that dispenses a light mist of fragrance that functions very well as a room spray too. So..? Fragrance in Kiss Me is a delicious creamy vanilla scent that also contains sweet notes of blackcurrent, pineapple and citrus. There’s also a touch of floral in there but I don’t notice it at all. The lasting power is about an hour.

So..? Fragrance in Kiss Me and SinfulIn contrast to the body fragrance, I get about 6 hours of wear out of the So..? Fragrance Sinful EdT. The packaging is also much more mature, while the mist is bright and cheeky and pretty much aimed at pre-teens, the Sinful bottle can sit comfortable amongst my more expensive fragrances. This is another sweet vanilla scent (my favourites!)  which is a bit juicier than Kiss Me due to the strawberries and pineapple. In combination with the vanilla, there’s chocolate in the base, leading to a creamy powdery scent. This isn’t a complex scent, but it’s sweet and nice and easy to wear.
So..? Fragrance in Kiss Me and Sinful  3While the body fragrances have bright, fun packaging clearly aimed at a younger audience, So…? Fragrance in Kiss Me and Sinful are both sweet vanilla scents that would work great on anyone.

Have you ever tried this brand before?

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