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Fragments of the Lost by Megan Miranda

I bought a very affordable copy of Fragments of the Lost by Megan Miranda, which was a somewhat unusual thing for me to do only because I don’t buy a lot of books and I generally only keep books I plan to reread. Even the best mystery novel is one I’m unlikely to pick up a second time. All that to say, once I owned a copy of this book, I definitely had to read it.⁣

Fragments of the Lost tells the story of Jessa, who is dealing with the death of her boyfriend, Caleb, who is actually her ex-boyfriend because they broke up not long before his car vanished off a bridge during a flood. Everyone blames Jessa for his death, including Caleb’s mom, who requests that Jessa pack up his room because they are moving. The first two thirds of the novel focus on Jessa doing this and including flashbacks to the memories she has connected to all the items she finds. I thought the format was interesting but the pace was really slow and it didn’t feel like much of a mystery, even though Jessa is searching for clues about what happened to Caleb and what secrets he might have kept.⁣

The last third of Fragments of the Lost is where the intensity increases and this is the part of the book I enjoyed more. There was a decent, but not surprising, twist, and a few things fell together a little too perfectly. That said, I did enjoy Miranda’s writing and the relationship dynamic between Jessa and Caleb’s best friend, Max. Jessa had an unbelievable relationship with her own parents, and she also seem to think her life was a lot more difficult and complicated than it was ever shown to be, but she wasn’t an awful main character, I just didn’t have any real connection from her. Overall, I liked the mystery elements of the last third of this book enough to rate it three stars, but it’s not a new favourite and while I will definitely be donating this copy, I hope that somebody else is able find enjoyment out of it next.

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