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Foodie Pages Tasting Box May 2013

I’ve recently fallen into the world of subscription boxes, which are a fun opportunity to have products (often a surprise, but not always) sent you monthly. My first experience was with Julep, where you can pick your box or skip altogether, and I’ve been pretty happy with my monthly Maven boxes so far. But I decided to test out something new, and when I heard about Foodie Pages Tasting Box, it seemed like a great opportunity.

I already sign up for a weekly produce pack/CSA, but that means I have a ton of vegetables and need other things to eat with them. Foodie Pages offers two types of subscriptions: a “Chef’s Box” for $55 a month (less if you sub for longer) and a smaller, “Tasting Box” for $11 a month. You don’t get to pick what it’s in your box, but you are able to skip and the contents are released a month in advance.

The boxes contain gourmet product from Canadian food producers all over the country.

I signed up in time to get the Foodie Pages Tasting Box for May, and a major reason it was appealing was because I realized the contents were entirely gluten-free. If for some reason they aren’t in the future, I may elect to skip.

foodie pages tasting box

The box was incredibly efficient. I was charged for the June box on June 1st, and the the May box actually showed up the same day! I think that was actually the day the box was supposed to start shipping (for July, it’s July 2nd because of the holiday most likely), so I can’t believe I got it then.

The box was well-packed with crinkled brown pieces of paper to cushion the glass jars and it also came with a really helpful product card that explains each product and how you could use it. I feel like a lot of thought has gone into the Foodie Pages Tasting Box. Sometimes I see boxes for other subscriptions that seem just thrown together, but this one is a nice mix from some great companies that I’m so excited I got to check out.
foodie pages tasting box 2

So what was inside the box?

Mango Papaya Dressing from Alphonsa’s (Ajax, ON)- Great on summer greens, or to add a taste of the tropics at any time of year. Try as a glaze on chicken, too.

I’ve used this a few times already, so I think the bottle is a pretty good size even though it’s not full-size, you’re not getting dinky samples in the Foodie Pages Tasting Box. The dressing wasn’t as sweet as I thought, it’s more like a vinaigrette than something with loads of mango flavour, but once I got past that it was nice on my “summer greens”. I do get a ton of salad in my CSA box so I can always use another dressing.

Gluten Free Bean Blend from Full of Beans (Bornholm, ON)- Kim learned to make gluten-free options for their infant son, which then turned into a thriving business of gluten-free mixes and bean blends. Includes Kim’s recipe for Hearty Bean Chili.

This was definitely the item I was least excited about, even though it was a good sized product and should make enough for a whole meal. I just already make chilli I like, and dried beans are kinda meh. I would be much more interested in the other “mixes” from Full of Beans, but I will get use out of this even if it involves soaking beans overnight instead of just using my slow cooker.

All Natural Granola Original Blend from kimberely’s own (Toronto, ON)Over 40% nuts, seeds and fruit including organic Tibetan Goji Berries and Organic Chia Seeds. For those who like a variety in every bite!

This was a fun, snack-sized mix of granola. It did have a lot of oats in it (though they were gluten-free, yay!) which I enjoyed because I haven’t had oats in forever, but I think it would probably have been better in yogurt for that reason, it was more like breakfast cereal than trail mix. That’s not a product fault, because it did taste good.

1884 North India Chutney from Major Craig’s (Ottawa, ON)– A recipe from Andrew’s great-grandfather who was stationed in India. Try on a sandwich, or stuffed in a tenderloin. A 2011 winner of the Canadian Liver Foundation’s LIVERight Awards.

This is the second product I haven’t tested out yet, but I am really excited for it. This is a full-size jar, so I should have plenty to cook with and pretty much made up the value of the box just on its own (it costs $8.50) so that’s how I instantly knew the box would be worth it. I love Indian food and it’ll be great to try out this chutney on a meal in the near future. On the jar, it even says you can use it on scones!

buckshots from Stone Milled Specialty Grains (Oak Bluff, MB)- A nutritious gluten-free snack, made from buckwheat. Enjoy right out of the pack or toss on salads for extra protein. 

It was nice to get a product not from Ontario, and I received the buckshots in Sweet & Spicy (there are 4 flavours so I don’t know if it was different from everyone.) I loved these! The seasoning was great as there was lots of it and there were just a bit spicy, they are also gluten-free, crunchy and delicious.

I know my boyfriend would have loved buckshots too, so the biggest disappointment is that the snack pack isn’t resealable even though it’s a big enough size that it could definitely be split up. They do sell them in a much larger jar and I am definitely tempted to purchase. Yum!

foodie pages tasting box 3

Overall, this was a great box,  and although the Foodie Pages Tasting Box for July might not be quite as perfect for me (there is pickled asparagus… but also caramels!) I’ve decided to stay subscribed and give it another month at least. The products are all really good and I think the value is definitely there. These are all Canadian producers that make small batches, and I think for chutney, salad dressing, beans and two snacks, I am really happy with my purchase.

It’s unclear, but box may have gone up to $15 (including shipping, and this stuff is heavy!) and I still think it’s a great value.

Anyway this is my first time reviewing food, so hopefully this was helpful in and please let me know what you thought of the Foodie Pages Tasting Box May 2013!

If you are interested in signing up for this box (or the Chef box) and are willing to use my referral link, I will be incredibly appreciative! Click here to sign up. Please note that these boxes sell out incredibly fast, so you’ll have to subscribe to their emails or check back for one to be available.

What do you think of these products? Would you purchase any of them? Do you think I should stay subscribed to this box?

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