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Foodie Pages Tasting Box July 2013

foodie pages tasting box julyThe Foodie Pages Tasting Box July 2013 review will be my last normal Foodie Pages Tasting Box review! 🙁 As I said in my last post, they’ve now changed their system to give more people a chance to try this amazing subscription. The boxes will release at noon EST on the 1st of each month, and only 50 boxes will be sold on a first come first served basis. The August box featured products from 2 producers I’ve tried before, and I also though it would be nice to give other people a chance, so I skipped. The boxes also now cost $14.95 ($3 more) but it’s still a bargain. I may try out a future Foodie Pages Tasting Box, for now I was a bit sad when my box arrived, knowing I wouldn’t be getting one next month.

foodie pages tasting box july 2

I had checked out the spoilers and knew what I was getting, so I definitely wasn’t sad when I saw the contents of the Foodie Pages Tasting Box July edition, it was filled to the brim with tasty goodies. If you want to see what’s I got in May and June, you can click here to check out my other Foodie Pages reviews.

foodie pages tasting box july 3

Along with all the foodie goodies, Foodie Pages includes a really useful product card that also gives suggestions on how to use and prepare the items in the box. Although the contents of the Foodie Pages Tasting Box July edition were once again mainly from Ontario, there was one item from BC and one from Manitoba which was nice. I haven’t gotten a chance to eat most of what was in my box, so I’ll mainly be giving my first impressions and sharing what items were in the box.

foodie pages tasting box july 5

Garlic Scapes– The Garlic Box (Hensall, ON): Made from a tender shoot which bolts from the garlic plant in late spring while still tightly coiled and tender. Crisp with a mild garlic and onion flavour and packed in salt, lemony brine. Toss in salads, pasta dishes and tartar sauce.

This one even came with a little info card about garlic scapes! Considering it’s an unusual product I did appreciate that although I have seen them before (I got some fresh in my local produce pack). I’m excited to try this diced and seasoned version and I will definitely be adding it to salads in the future.

foodie pages tasting box july 6

Clean Energy Bar–The Great GORP Project (Niverville, MB): GORP combines the benefits of clean eating with the energy needed to fuel any level of athlete. Power packed nuts and seeds; oats for heart health and long lasting energy; flax and hemp for omega-3 goodness.

I’m not sure if this product is gluten-free or not so I haven’t eaten it yet, I need to do a bit more research. Oats are naturally gluten-free but get contaminated while being processed, so special GF oats are needed and I’m not sure if this power bar uses them or not. Either way, it sounds delicious and energy packed and will make a good snack for my boyfriend if I can’t eat it.

foodie pages tasting box july 7

Spice Rub–Pixie Chicks (Vitoria, BC): A fast, nutritious and tasty way to make an everyday meal something special. Preservative free spice blend made in small batches. Ideal for the BBQ season!

This product is ideal for the BBQ season and sounds great but… sadly I have no BBQ. So no spice rubs for me. I may try it in another way but I haven’t yet.

foodie pages tasting box july 8

Pepper Jelly–Hot Mamas (Pefferlaw, ON): First you’ll taste the sweet, then you’ll feel the heat! Sue’s jellies use the Scotch Bonnet Pepper, grown in Ontario or imported from Jamaica. No artifical colours or flavours and all products are gluten-free. Enjoy the 100% Caribbean flavour!

I just love it when a products says it’s gluten free right in the description! Foodie Pages Tasting Box July edition is no different than the past 2 months, incredibly celiac friendly. With the possible exception of the energy bar, I haven’t gotten any gluten food products! Which is awesome. This jelly also sounds amazing, I love mango and I love spicy, so I can’t wait to try this out.

foodie pages tasting box july 4

Quinoa Granola–Lotus Fine Foods (Toronto, ON): Gluten-free granola made with organic ingredients and naturally sweetened with agave. Loaded with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. 

Even though it’s the largest product in the box, this is the one I’ve actually finished. Again, gluten-free, and loaded with protein I decided to use this as my breakfast cereal instead. I tried it both with almond milk and with yoghurt, and greatly preferred it with yoghurt. It’s not crunchy like I’m used to with my cereal, but I found it a little less mushy with yoghurt at least. The texture was a bit of a problem for me but overall I liked it. I was sad to get the coconut flavour as I am not a fan of coconut but it wasn’t overly noticeable to the point that I couldn’t enjoy the cereal. I really like the idea of eating quinoa for breakfast, and think I would probably enjoy this a lot more if I added almonds or something crunchier to it.

Well that’s it for Foodie Pages Tasting Box July 2013 edition! Even though I haven’t had a chance to use up most of the food yet, I was really happy with this box and will definitely miss it. Let me know what you think of this box, and if you are interested in subscribing to Foodie Pages and don’t mind clicking here to use my referral link (it’s free!) that would be awesome. The next box will be available on September 1st at noon EST.

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