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Five Fall Favourites (A Poem)

Five Fall Favourites 2Guess what! It’s official, if you didn’t know,
fall’s started now, so there’s only 89 days to go.
From colourful leaves to the Halloween mischief
this is my favourite season, forget about Christmas.
To celebrate I’m going to share 5 Favourites for Fall–
by the end of this poem, you’ll need them all!
Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for EyesMy first high end palette, I never reviewed
it was limited edition so if you missed it you’re screwed.
It’s the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes,
now available again, I guess LE means L(I)E(S).
I love the tones of purple mixed with some brown
it’s the most perfect fall blend I’ve ever found.
The finishes vary, but all shades are creamy,
if I described it in one word, I’d call it dreamy.

MAC Plumful LipstickI know many prefer a finish that is matte
but my lips are so dry I’m not into that.
As the weather cools I pull out the plum–
how many do I have? Let’s just say… some.
The MAC lustre finish is so easy to wear
I’d recommend them all but that’s not really fair
MAC Capricious, MAC Syrup, I set you aside
it’s MAC Plumful I pick for this Fall Favourites guide.

Urban Decay Brow BeaterI’ve honestly never used the phrase ‘on fleek’
but in the fall I don’t want my brows to be weak.
A bold brow makes a statement, it frames the eyes
I prefer a thin pencil but it’s not just about size.
The new Urban Decay Brow Beater* in the shade dark
has a long wearing formula that gives it that spark,
the one that makes me love no matter the weather
but fall and great brows just go well together.
Lady Gaga FameI put away my floral scents as winter draws near
and reach for the musky scents that I hold dear.
If an aura of mystery you want to maintain
then I recommend my favourite, Lady Gaga Fame*.
The bottle is gorgeous, but so is the scent inside
within notes of honey, a complexity does hide
a warm and sweet scent that lasts me all day
I’ll be done this bottle by the time that it’s May!

Lush ComforterIn the summer the weather is so hot and sticky
the idea of a bath can sometimes feel icky
but once there’s a cool breeze in the air
I fill up the tub and I jump right in there.
I always have a few Lush favourites in my stash
a bubble bar or bath bomb makes quite a splash.
Lush The Comforter makes blackberry bubbles,
I sink beneath the water and disappear my troubles.

Five Fall FavouritesThere you have it, my five favourites for fall
now it’s time to go shopping, so head to the mall.
I love my purple shadows and brows that are bold
a plum-coloured lipstick just never grows old.
Spritz yourself with a scent that’s musky and sweet
and as the weather cools, a bath is a treat.

Now that this post is over I have a question to ask:
what are your Fall Favourites? Now that is the task!

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