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Firmoo FRM8823 Glasses

Firmoo FRM8823 Glasses Review 2There’s one thing I wear every single day, and it’s not makeup, it’s glasses. So of course if I have the opportunity to share affordable and chic glasses with you I will take it, which is how I came to make my first Firmoo order in order to test out the Firmoo FRM8823 Glasses*.

Firmoo FRM8823 Glasses Review 5Firmoo is an online glasses store offering budget-friendly frames for both prescription and non-prescription lenses. My order shipped quickly in a bubble mailer. My Firmoo FRM8823 Glasses also came with a case, a little glasses repair tool, and a lens cloth I actually really love and want another of.

One note on my glasses is that the lenses I have are not the recommended thickness for my prescription (which is fairly heavy) so you may notice they don’t fit well in the frames. Purchase the lenses of the suggested thickness and you shouldn’t have this issue.

Firmoo FRM8823 Glasses Review 3The Firmoo FRM8823 Glasses are black plastic frame with a rectangular shape very familiar to everyone that knows me–these are basically the same glasses I have been wearing my whole life! The unique aspect of this particular pair is that I actually got them in a matte black, which I think is really cool.
arriThe first thing I noticed when I picked up my Firmoo FRM8823 Glasses were that they are incredibly light. It really feels like there is nothing on my face, and although I don’t know how sturdy they will be you don’t want to be too hard on your glasses as a general rule, and I have had no issues so far. I am really happy with these frames as they are extremely comfortable.

Firmoo FRM8823 Glasses Review 6As a full time study I definitely appreciate a good deal and Firmoo certainly offers one! If you are looking for a new pair of glasses at an affordable price, I definitely recommend the Firmoo FRM8823 Glasses. I would happily order from Firmoo in the future.

Do you order your glasses online? What do you think of my new frames?

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