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Finish 6 by Christmas Tag

Finish 6 by Christmas TagI love doing (and failing, but shh) my Finish 5 by Fall, and I’m starting to make very slow progress on my Project 10 Pan so when I learned about the new Finish 6 by Christmas Tag, I figured WHY NOT?! FINISH ALL THE MAKEUP. But seriously, I am totally setting myself up for failure but these are all items I don’t need to repurchase for various reasons (mainly, I have enough makeup to last me forever) so it’d be great to get them all use up and out of my apartment.

Finish 6 by Christmas Tag 2I’ll actually be traveling from December 18 to January 7th, so you may not get a final recap until mid-January but I will try to interim updates via Instagram and maybe on the blog as well if you’re interested! For now, here’s what I picked for my Finish 6 by Christmas Tag (also, I won’t tag specific people this time but PLEASE JOIN ME!)

  1. Stila Lip Glaze in Cranberry: This was a gift last Christmas and it’s the mini size which I’ve heard is really easy to finish up! It’s also a really pretty fall/winter shade.
  2. Covergirl TruBlend MicroMinerals: This is a powder foundation thing that I’m just going to use as a normal powder since I finished the last one I was using in 5 by Fall, this looked like I had made a bit of a dent in it and should give it a shot.
  3. So… Sinful Fragrance*: I have so much perfume but a lot of it is in massive bottles so I’m sticking with 30 mL ones as my goals for now, and this is a lovely scent for the season!
  4. Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation: This is getting old and is nearly empty (I had to take the stopper out, but of course there was tons hidden inside) and I think I’ll mix it with my Smashbox BB Cream and do my best to finish them up together. It’s hard to tell how much is in there from the outside, but I swear it feels light!
  5. Witchcraft Almond Oil: I have so much cuticle oil, and using it makes a huge difference on my nails, so hopefully I can finish at least this little one up.
  6. Benefit Benetint Sample: Okay this is super tiny and half done already but I wanted to use a blush but all my blushes would never be finished, so at least this is something. Plus there’s a ton of makeup already so I needed something easy to finish. Also I feel like the brush format is great for growing bacteria so I should work on using it up.

That’s it for my Finish 6 By Christmas! Are you joining in? Have you used any of these products before?

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