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Finish 5 By Fall Tag

Finish 5 By Fall TagI really love watching videos on YouTube and they often have all kinds of “tags” that never quite transition over into the blogosphere, so I was pretty excited to see one that did. What’s better is that I was actually tagged TWICE for this one, first by Lesley at Petite Pear Style who was a huge influence on my blog and I was super flattered and fan-girly to be mentioned in her video, and secondly by Megan from MegsMakeup8 who is easily one of my favourite YouTubers and I have really loved her Project Use It Up/Project Pan themes over the past few months.

So what is the Finish Five by Fall Tag? It’s basically a mini Project Pan, and since I totally failed mine I am super motivated to get back on it this way (you might notice three of the items look familiar!) To join in, you choose 5 items that you intend to finish by the first day of fall, or on September 22, 2014. You do an update video or blog post on that day to show your progress and how you’ve managed. I am going to do one a month in as well just to check in!

Finish 5 By Fall Tag 2So when picking my products I took inspiration from Lesley and picked products you could actually see progress in (mostly… I tried at least) and also products I had already been working on rather than starting something brand new. Some of these will be pretty easy to finish, but if I do, there’s plenty more to get started on instead.

  1. Revlon Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow in Sunsparks– I love Revlon but I hate this quad more than anything in the world because I don’t really like the colours and they crease and melt away badly and never really set and I am just OVER IT. This is easily one of my oldest pieces of makeup and I am nearly finished and cannot wait for it to be out of my collection for good.
  2. Maybelline Fit Me! Pressed Powder in Honey Beige (320)– This powder is okay but not super mattifying/long lasting and not exactly the right shade for me. I bought it on a really good sale but now I have a lot of face powders and want to move this out and onto other things. I might have to crumble it up to use it though because my big fluffy brush is not loving it.
  3. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream in Light/Medium– I got this in the Sephora Favourites Superstars set I picked up last Christmas and although I love it, I actually got a new tube and it is in light instead of light/medium so I think it will be a slightly better shade and I want to finish this one up while I’m a tiny bit darker during the summer.
  4. MUA Lipstick in Shade 11– I really love these MUA lipsticks, but I have a ton of lipsticks and this one is with me (I’m not living at home at the moment) and I like it and it’s neutral and easy to wear, so I am going to use it up! This is a great, affordable, UK brand that I have bought quite a few products from in the past…
  5. The Body Shop Lychee Blossom Eau de Toilette– I actually included this as a recommendation for Scents for Spring, and I know it’s summer now but it’s still delicious. Sadly this scent was Limited Edition, but it smells amazing! I own way, way, too much perfume so working on a little 30 mL bottle seemed like a safe place to start. Because the bottle looks opaque in photos I put a little black line to indicated where I am. I feel like a real project pan-er now 😉

Finish 5 By Fall Tag 3One thing I kept in mind when organizing my Finish 5 By Fall Tag was that I wanted to finish products I would not repurchase. That’s not to say these aren’t products I like, but because a product is discontinued, I already have, or I have a lot of similar shades/products that do the same thing, I don’t need to rush out and buy any of these five items. So once they are gone, they are gone for good!

I tag Kalyn Lord (she can’t resist a challenge), Natalie from Ivory Avenue (because she gets so excited when she finishes things for empties posts), Laura from Beyond Blush (because her empties posts have disappeared like mine did), and Sarah from Ramblings at Workaday Reads (because she’s one of the few people who I think would easily accomplish this even if I didn’t tag her). Oh right, it’s supposed to be five– the first person is YOU. There were so many people I wanted to tag because I want to see everyone do this, so let me know if you decide to give it a try so I can come by and cheer you on.

What do you think of the Finish 5 By Fall Tag?

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