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Finish 5 by Fall 2015 Finale

Finish 5 by Fall 2015 FinaleAlmost exactly 3 months ago I first shared my plans to accomplish the “Finish 5 by Fall” challenge. I had done a pretty good job in 2014, although at the time I described it as just okay, that was before I had seen this year’s results… I did finish 3 out of the 5 products (see my finale post here).

Finish 5 by Fall 2015 Finale 2I think for my Finish 5 by Fall 2015 challenge, I did pick products that were a bit more difficult, mainly because it’s rare for me to have ‘nearly done’ options like I did last time around. I still went with a variety of products (cheeks, lips, eyes, face, fragrance) and all things I loved and had made at least a bit of a dent in. While I did not finish anything, I am still happy with all the progress I made. Here’s a closer before/after look!

2-Finish 5 by Fall 2015 Finale 4 Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush in #225*: This became the first blush I have ever hit pan on! Best part is, I still love the shade and long-lasting formula. I’m doing a Finish 6 By Winter challenge, and I won’t be including this because it is more of a spring/summer peachy shade, but I do plan to come back to it. I mean, I kinda have to finish it now.

I applied this blush mostly with my fingers, but from the few times I used a brush, I definitely think I would have gone through it quicker that way.

3-Finish 5 by Fall 2015 Finale 3 Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow Rio de Rose Gold: I was motivated to finish this shadow because a) I had broken the applicator and b) I feel like this liquid formula is going to expire much quicker than powder options. Although I obviously didn’t finish it, I am now at about the halfway mark. I am finding it a lot harder to ‘shake and mix’ than I had before, so I’m not sure I’ll make it to the end of the bottle, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

I definitely got a lot of use out of this rose gold shade during the summer weather, but my main issue is not wearing eyeshadow enough to actually finish any!

4-Finish 5 by Fall 2015 Finale 2Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer: I haven’t finished a base product in ages, and as I said originally this one is probably the oldest in my collection. I’m sure the SPF is expired so I still used sunscreen underneath, but it does provide a nice subtle tint and moisture to my skin which is great during the hot weather. I saw a decent amount of progress during my Finish 5 by Fall challenge but…still not there yet.

5-Finish 5 by Fall 2015 FinaleBurberry Lip Glow in Nude Rose*: This was a real fail and totally my fault. I put this gloss in my purse and figured I’d use it whenever I wanted to touch up but the truth is I don’t really touch up while out so…It probably got used a handful of times. It’s the only product I’m bumping over to my Finish 6 by Winter, because it’s a fairly sheer shade from a brand I love. I also feel like if I actually used it consistently, I could easily finish it up.

1-Finish 5 by Fall 2015 Finale 5 Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer*: One area of my ‘collection’ I have a hard time parting with things is with fragrances. I figure if I can finish a couple bottles a year, I’ll be able to have a decent sized number by about 2050. As long as I don’t acquire any more. I really tried to reach for this regularly, and saw quite a bit of progress, but there’s still a decent amount left and it’s not a cool weather shade for me so I put it away for now. I still love it though so I will hopefully have it in my empties eventually.

Finish 5 by Fall 2015 Finale 3Well that’s it for my Finish 5 by Fall 2015 Finale! Overall, lots of progress but no actual ‘wins’. I’m still motivated though, so look out later this week for a post sharing my picks for Finish 6 by Winter.

Did you do this Finish 5 by Fall Challenge? Let me know how it went for you!

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