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Finesse Kertain Protein Dry Shampoo

Finesse Kertain Protein Dry Shampoo 3I really love testing out and reviewing new haircare on Writing Whimsy (although I’m glad I didn’t have any to test this month since it’s given me an excuse to go all Sample Killah) but one product I’m a bit hesitant about is dry shampoo, and the reason is just that I don’t really need it. My hair is dry, not oily, and if it were to get oily it would mean it definitely needs to be washed. However, a surprise bottle of Finesse Kertain Protein Dry Shampoo* showed up in the mail and I take my bloggerly duties seriously so I put it to the test all the same.

Finesse Kertain Protein Dry Shampoo 2First thing about Finesse Kertain Protein Dry Shampoo is that it comes in a large (150 g) aerosol can and with a suggested price of $4.49. So this is an affordable product, with a big promise–“refreshing formula, sprays clear”. Although my dry hair rarely needs dry shampoo, the main thing that deter me from it was the white cast it usually gives. This is why Finesse Kertain Protein Dry Shampoo is so awesome– it really sprays clear! It is basically like applying hairspray, and then you massage it into your roots and there’s a slight powdery feeling but no white residue.

Finesse Kertain Protein Dry ShampooFinesse Kertain Protein Dry Shampoo has a light salon scent and when I used it on hair that was a bit oily I did feel like it help absorb it. I don’t usually use dry shampoo, so I’m not sure how effective it is in comparison to other dry shampoo, but the fact is, I can’t really use other dry shampoos with my really dark hair, and I can use this. I also tried it out on my boyfriend who does get oily hair (he wears a hard hat all day) and it definitely helped, although it did add volume, which his hair does not need.

Overall, although Finesse Kertain Protein Dry Shampoo isn’t necessary in my day-to-day routine, I’m super impressed that there’s such an affordable dry shampoo at the drugstore that doesn’t leave a white cast. For the price this is worth trying out no matter what your hair colour, but I especially recommend it for those with dark hair who struggle with traditional dry shampoos.

Do you use dry shampoo? Have you tried this one?

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