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Filorga Sleep-Recover Radiance Set

Filorga Sleep-Recover Radiance SetThe holidays are a perfect time to pick up skincare both as a gift, or for yourself, because of the amazing value sets available. I have another one of those to share today from a new to me brand I’ve been really impressed by, Filorga.

The Filorga Sleep-Recover Radiance Set* includes a full size of the Filorga Sleep-Recover Anti-Fatigue Night Balm, as well as a bonus Filorga C-Recover Anti-Fatigue Radiance Concentrate in a special promotion for $95 ($127 value) available at Holt Bloor and Yorkdale as well as Nordstrom Ottawa.

Filorga Sleep-Recover Anti-Fatigue Night BalmThe Filorga Sleep-Recover Anti-Fatigue Night Balm is a balm you apply to skin before you sleep, and it works overnight to help fight signs of fatigue and leave your skin looking great in the morning. It comes in a pump container and is a light creamy consistency that is almost a gel.

While no skincare is going to replace actually getting enough sleep, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my skin over the 3 weeks I’ve been using it. My skin is softer and brighter, and it definitely helps me look a little more rested even though I’ve gotten less sleep than normal. This is definitely sticking around as a staple in my routine now!

Filorga C-Recover Anti-Fatigue Radiance ConcentrateThe Filorga C-Recover Anti-Fatigue Radiance Concentrate is a vitamin C concentrate that allows you to press down on the top to mix the vitamin C powder into the serum. Then you shake it and switch the top to the dropper. Vitamin C degrades quickly, so this is intended as a 7 day supply to use in the morning. You can store it in the fridge to help it prevent the Vitamin C from degrading, and it also gives a nice added boost to the skin when you apply it cool.

I did notice that my skin looked a little brighter/more radiant when I used the Filorga C-Recover Anti-Fatigue Radiance Concentrate but I do find the effects of the  Filorga Sleep-Recover Anti-Fatigue Night Balm longer lasting. Still, this is a nice boost for the skin, especially in winter when I find mine tends to look more dull.

Filorga Sleep-Recover Radiance Set 3I feel like most people I know complain about looking tired and I know I feel the same way. Anything that helps fight the signs of fatigue is much appreciated, so I definitely this is limited edition Filorga Sleep-Recover Radiance Set would be a great gift to compliment an existing skincare routine, or to add into your own!

How you help prevent looking tired? Besides more sleep, that is…

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