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February Empties

I’m always so behind on my empties! Eventually I just sacrificed ideal lighting for finally getting some photos taken. I had really high hopes for March but between an unexpected visit home and misplacing a few things, it’s looking very sad… So time to focus on my February Empties instead.February Empties 41. Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub (Review)

I really didn’t like this product. I think maybe I did more when I bought it, but eventually it was just too oily and I didn’t like the smell and it was a massive tub so I was very happy to finish it. In general, I adore Cake products, so I definitely recommend the brand, I just won’t be repurchasing this. *

2.  The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner (Review)

This toner is the first one I ever tried, and it’s pretty good, but as my review says, just too strong for my skin, so I’m happy to have finished it up and be onto more gentle things.  **

3. Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I adore adore this mascara, but it was time to say goodbye to this mini sample. Luckily I have another mini on the go already. ***

4. Jordana Quick Dry Top Coat

I adore this top coat! I bought a few of them online because I don’t see this brand in stores, and luckily for my no buy I won’t have to repurchase soon, but I love it. I am using a different kind from Jordana at the moment and it’s good, but I still love this one more. ***

5. Rimmel Sunny Days

I have a dupe of this polish now (Rimmel Sunshine) and this one is 100% impossible to use (I even tried adding a ton of thinner) so it’s time for it to go in the garbage. I love the shade, but the application is pretty much typical yellow. **

6. The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds

I bought these to get a free gift at the Body Shop (you needed to make a purchase) and they were only $3 which is about drugstore price and definitely worth it. I have enough cotton at the moment, but I would repurchase. ***

7. Freeman Facial Purifying Mask in Starfruit

This was NOT nice to my face, it ended up really red and just not good. I have two other types from the brand, so I definitely want to try those and hopefully I don’t get the same reaction. *

February Empties 3

8. Lush Love Locket * (Review)

This was a great heart-shaped bath bomb from the Valentine’s Day Collection and I thought it was adorable since it broke open to reveal a smaller heart. **

9. Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon * (Review)

ROSE JAM SCENT. And it’s super moisturizing. This was very lovely in the bath! ***

10. Bath Party Fizzie Fun

This was a bath bomb that didn’t do too much but had a faint relaxing scent and turned the water a very light blue that I liked. It was also super affordable from my drugstore. **

11. Bath and Body Works Dark Kiss Bubble Bath

I really loved this! It did a great job creating bubbles and the scent lasted. I have enough shower gel and bubble bath that I’m not allowed to go buy anything, but I would definitely (with the right sale) grab another BBW bubble bath in the future. ***

February Empties 212. Muji Vanilla Candle

I picked out some Muji candles when I was in London and my friend ended up buying them as a Hanukkah gift for my boyfriend and I, and since vanilla is his favourite scent he burned most of this one (but it smelled great, and the little tins are so cute!) ***

13. Vanilla Candle

I’m not sure if this is Glad or Frebreeze but either way it came with some room scent things that you plug into the wall and those worked better than this, which still had a nice scent but it was very faint. *

14. Demeter Fragrance Angel Food* (Review)

I used this up as a room spray and it’s not super long lasting and a bit too realistic as food to wear on my body so it was perfect for that! **

15. Stash Strawberry Pomegranate Tea

I didn’t pick this up, I inherited it but it was pretty good and I do like Stash tea, so I recommend it if you like these flavours although I have way too much tea to rebuy anything these days. **

16. St. Dalfour Golden Mango Green Tea

I drank a bunch of these (a couple aren’t pictured) in my quest to use up some of my “loose” tea bags. These came in a surprise beauty box I bought and are absolutely delicious. I don’t generally love green tea but the mango flavour makes is so good. ***

February EmptiesOverall, an okay month for February Empties, especially considering it’s a short month. I am always happy to finish a polish (I got every last possible drop of the Jordana one) and a perfume (even if I used it as a room spray). In comparison, March isn’t looking good, it’s mainly just candles. But hopefully that means I’ll be quick about posting and back on track for an awesome April.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you thought!

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