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February 2015 Empties

February 2015 Empties 2Well, apparently I published this and forgot an intro. So here it is. Here are my February 2015 Empties! My thoughts on products I finished. You get the idea.

February 2015 EmptiesI included the Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care Shampoo* and Conditioner*  in my January Favourites, so yeah, I really liked them (and the Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Conditioning Treatment* was nice too although a bit small). The only issue I had was that it was hard to squeeze the tubes and impossible to get the cap off so a tiny bit got left at the bottom no matter how much I tried. If I could find these in store I would consider repurchasing, but I have enough shampoo for now.

I also tested out the amika Nourishing Mask* that came in my Birchbox, and it was lovely and thick and smelled great too. The Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse came in an old Beauty Box 5 and I actually really liked both the scent and the effect it had on my hair.

February 2015 Empties 4It wouldn’t be an empties without a bunch of Lush goodies, and my February 2015 Empties includes Lush Avobath*Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar*, Lush Holly Golightly* and a tiny tub of the citrus Lush Celebrate Body Lotion* . Avobath was soothing but not exciting, Pumpkin provided a candy orange scent and a little shimmer, while Holly Golightly was hard to crumble up but turned the water a gorgeous green. I absolutely adore the Celebrate Body Lotion and wish it wasn’t limited edition, and also wish I had 1/50 the body lotions I have so I could actually justify buying more. There’s also a little Fair Trade Foot Lotion* sample which was pepperminty and nice but I tend to just use body lotion on my feet.

February 2015 Empties 6Two festive hand washes made it into my February 2015 Empties, the first is the Dial Holiday Foaming Hand Wash* which had adorable packaging but wasn’t very interesting scent-wise. The second, which I will always repurchase, is the Bath and Body Works ‘Tis The Season Gentle Foaming Hand Soap. I adore the apple and cinnamon scent, and so does my boyfriend. I bought him the candle and it is amazing too!

My mom gave me a Fruits & Passion Oregano and Green Citrus Fragrance Diffuser, which was okay scent-wise but I don’t really like in the wall diffusers and prefer to burn a candle, so I won’t be buying refills.

February 2015 Empties 5I tried out two Sally Hansen Salon Effects from the Spring 2015 Collection, the first was the glittery Sally Hansen Salon Effects Crowd Surfer* which was a real polish design I loved, while the second was Sally Hansen Salon Effects Fab-ric* made of real velvet that looked cool but didn’t wear well. I’ve also included a Benefit They’re Real! Mascara sample in my February 2015 Empties because it was getting old and dry, as well as the Amie New Bloom Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes* which were too thin and not effective enough so I used quite a few on swatches…

February 2015 Empties 3Things that kept my apartment smelling good this month include the Muji Winter Berry & Black Tea candle that was a gift to me from my friend Laala and it was really nice and had a good scent through even though it wasn’t massive. I couldn’t resist the Ginger Cookie Scented Candle when I smelled it at the drugstore. I liked the tin too, but the candle was just okay. Finally, the last of my non-edible February 2015 Empties is the Demeter Fragrance in Baby Powder* which was a great smell for the bathroom and I am always using one of these Demeter scents.

February 2015 Empties 7Finally, there’s the tea, and I definitely made a dent in my stash with my February 2015 Empties! Though there’s still plenty to go. The teas I finished included DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha which is amazing for my morning smoothies and I love cashing in my “frequent steeper” points for it so I already have another 100 grams. I have slightly larger bags of Juicy Orange (ADORE, so fruity and delicious and I bet it would be amazing iced too), Yogi Berry (smells great but the taste was not for me), Sunny Citrus (pretty nice, but I already have some more), and Jungle Ju Ju (not my favourite mate so I’ll stick to Main Squeeze and Queen of Tarts instead).

I finished up sample sizes of Pure Chai (x2) (makes an amazing latte, will buy once I drink more tea), Lime Gelato (worked nicely iced but not sure I’d purchase), Santa’s Secret (nice latte as well but it’s seasonal), and Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait (also nice iced, but I have more already). Then there are the mini tins from the Advent Calender which includes Sugar Plum Forest (I actually didn’t like this, although I thought I had tried it before and I did…), Genmaicha (a green tea I actually like and have more of) and Eggnog (great latte).

Phew, that’s it. These are always a ton of work that I sorta avoid/dread but then I’m always happy when they are done. If I can keep them up monthly, I’ll be able to see how many products and tea I actually use in a year, and maybe that’ll convince me to buy less next year!

The beauty empties this month total 17, while the tea and candles and fragrance diffuser total 16. 2015 totals so far? Beauty: 34, Tea and Candles: 28. What’d you finish this month? Anything you’d repurchase?

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