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Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Body Shop

Father's Day Gift Guide The Body Shop 2Not to induce panic, but guys, Father’s Day is SOON! As in, this weekend. So if you’re looking to make some last minute purchases, The Body Shop has you covered! Today I’m sharing a Father’s Day Gift Guide from The Body Shop including some great products from their Hemp and Maca Root lines.

The Body Shop Hemp 2Personally, I think The Body Shop Hemp Soap on a Rope* would be an especially great gift for a younger dad–maybe your husband–because it is just both hilarious and functional. It would also be great for an older dad with the right sense of humour! The Body Shop Hemp line is really the best for dry skin, although it has a distinctive hemp smell that definitely leans masculine for me.

The Body Shop Hemp 3I honestly believe The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector* is one of the best products the brand makes, and they have quite a selection of products. When we lived in super-dry Alberta, this was the one hand cream that helped my boyfriend (who works with his hands). This thick cream offers a layer of protection that really helps keep your hands from drying out. Honestly, it’s the sort of hand cream you’ll want to ‘borrow’ from Dad!

The Body Shop HempIf the Dad in your life needs help with dry skin on more than just his hands, there’s The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter*. Of course, I adore my Body Butters, but they vary in the level of moisture they offer, and this one is really meant for dry skin and has a thicker texture. I actually didn’t used to like the hemp smell, but it’s grown on me over time.


The Body Shop Maca Root 1In addition to their Hemp line, there’s a line of Maca Root skincare products specifically designed for men available at The Body Shop. In my experience, skincare is one of those things men are often not very good at buying for themselves (probably why there are so many more brands aimed at females!) so Father’s Day is a nice time to treat Dad to a few useful products from a great brand. The Body Shop Maca Root Face Scrub* helps exfoliate for a clean shave, and has the perfect amount of scrubby bits to be satisfying and effective but not harsh. It’s also a super refreshing product to use in the morning.

The Body Shop Maca Root

The Maca Root products are all meant to help soften and brighten skin, and The Body Shop Maca Root Shave Cream* is a very creamy product that lathers slightly as you rub it in. I really like the Maca Root scent, which is definitely more subtle than the Hemp–hard to describe but maybe like a musky baby powder–and I think this is a great option for dry or sensitive skin.

The Body Shop Maca Root 3The final product I have to share in my Father’s Day Gift Guide from The Body Shop is The Body Shop Maca Root Energetic Face Protector*. This moisturizer includes SPF15 which is a nice boost of sun protection especially if you work in an office all day. It also absorbs into the skin really well.

Father's Day Gift Guide The Body ShopDo all these options sound great but not wrapping a gift sounds even better? Don’t forget about the amazing gift sets The Body Shop offers, last year I included The Body Shop Hemp Head-to-Toe Body Care in my guide but of course there is one available for every scent the brand offers.

Have you made your Father’s Day purchases yet?

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