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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Lush Dirty

Lush Dirty 4In addition to their rose-petal bath bombs, Lush has a bunch of products aimed more explicitly at men (although those bath bombs are pretty awesome and I don’t see why a guy couldn’t enjoy them as well!) Father’s Day is tomorrow and for the last minute shopper I have a few suggestions from the Lush Dirty line that would make great gifts for dad!

Lush Dirty 2The Lush Dirty scent is an invigorating spearmint that’s great for waking you up and starting the day. The scent of the Lush Dirty Shaving Cream* is less intense than the other items although it’s still definitely minty. It’s a very nourishing shaving cream which is calming and gentle for your dad’s face and helps get a clean shave. Ingredients include oat milk, shea butter, and honey.

Lush Dirty 3I think a great Father’s Day gift would be to get a few items from the Lush Dirty line that all go together and leave you smelling minty fresh! There’s a few other items in the line, including the Lush Dirty Springwash*, a bright blue showergel that leaves behind a spearmint scent and includes ingredients like sea salt and glycerin to help soften skin and hair.

I know my dad much prefers a bar soap to a shower gel, and for those that do there’s a Lush Dirty Soap* that comes in the same glowing blue. I tested this out on my hands before I pass it onto my own dad and it does a good job lathering and and gives off the same fresh scent to wake you up in the morning. It leaves your skin squeaky clean so it’s good to follow up with a moisturizer, but it’s great for getting rid of grime.

Lush DirtyA bonus suggestion that I think is both hilarious and useful, is the Lush NEW! Solid Shampoo* which is actually intended for people with thinning hair and irritated scalps. It contains cinnamon, cloves, peppermint, rosemary and nettle herbs that helps rejuvenate and leave your hair soft and shiny. There’s a fresh and spicy scent and although I don’t have thinning hair I’m still excited to test it out.

That’s it for my Lush Father’s Day Gift Guide! I think any of these Lush Dirty products would be fantastic gifts, or combine them all for something extra special. What are you getting your dad tomorrow?

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