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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Avon Anew Men

Avon Anew Men 5As Father’s Day approaches that moment of panic sets in–unless you’re super organized and don’t rub it in–what exactly does your dad want? Honestly, that’s a mystery to me because I’ve never met your dad but I figured I’d share a couple ideas, starting with the brand new Avon Anew Men line of products.

Avon Anew Men 6I feel like skincare is something men often forget or don’t think to purchase for themselves, but the Avon Anew Men exists because men deserve great skin, too. There are six products available, all in sleek steel grey packaging, and I have four of them that I tried out. In addition to the 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser*, Protective Shave Gel*, 2-in-1 After Shave Balm* and Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF50* featured here, there’s another Daily Moisturizer, as well as a Daily Eye Treatment.


Avon Anew Men 3The Avon Anew Men 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser has a fresh, clean scent and a cooling gel formula that is oil-free. It is meant to also exfoliate and although there are a few beads in it, they are quite sparse and I did not notice them at all when using the cleanser. That said, it’s a great basic cleanser with an affordable price tag, just not the standout of the line.

Avon Anew Men 4I feel like all my Father’s Day Gift Guides feature a lot of shaving products, and there’s a couple in this post too. The Avon Anew Men Protective Shave Gel is a blue gel (I just love that it’s blue) with the same masculine, invigorating scent it. It contains aloe and vitamin E to help protect the skin while offering a close, comfortable shave. I didn’t use this on my face, but I did enjoy it on my legs. Unlike a lot of the shave creams I use, it didn’t clog my razor at all, and is similar to a thicker, refreshing body wash.

Avon Anew Men To complete the shaving process, there’s the Avon Anew Men 2-in-1 After Shave Balm. This is another scented product, that I think works great not only after a shave, but also after a day in the sun, because it is really cooling and nice on the skin. Plus, if you don’t wear fragrance, I think the scent on this is strong enough to work on its own, at least close to the skin.

Avon Anew Men MoisturizerThe final step is the Avon Anew Men Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF50. I think this has especially sleek packaging, the only thing that is unfortunate is the product is about 3 times the price as the other three Avon Anew Men products I’ve shared. At least while I am writing this post, they are all on sale though so it is a good time to purchase.

What I adore about this moisturizer, and the reason I’m keeping it for myself (sorry Dad!) is that it contains SPF50. That’s amazing sun protection, with a lightweight scent-free lotion that still moisturizes during the warmer weather. I think the main reason it can be difficult to get people to wear SPF daily is they feel like it has to be thick and greasy, which is the opposite of this lovely sunscreen. If you do wear makeup on top, it still needs at least a few minutes to fully absorb into the skin first.

Avon Anew Men 2Honestly, no matter what holiday it is, I feel like they sneak up on me these days. How is time going so quickly? If you feel the same, now is a great time to get organized for Father’s Day, and if you are looking for an affordable but effective range of skincare to purchase, the Avon Anew Men’s line is a great option.

Any Father’s Day plans?

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