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Too Faced The Chocolate Shop Swatches + Review

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I know it’s the wrong holiday but what better way to start off holiday gift options than on Thanksgiving Weekend? Mostly, this is the first breather I’ve had in a few weeks and given that the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop is quite a large set, I wanted to take the time to share it with you when I could! Keep reading to find out what’s inside this giant Too Faced box…Also I went a bit overboard with the artsy blog photos and couldn’t narrow it down any further…

too-faced-the-chocolate-shop-review-5 Too Faced The Chocolate Shop Swatches + Review

I’m always a bit nervous when I see a makeup palette comes in giant packaging because it can really be a hassle to store. However, the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop kit has really thought about that and when you remove the “lid” from the top, the box unfolds to open up and reveal an adorable display as well as a palette that fits nicely into the slot at the base. The best part is you can take the palette out, and it’s in slender cardboard packaging that’s easy to store. Of course the packaging itself is adorable with a Christmas in New York theme, but if you don’t have room for it, you can easily store all the goodies much more compactly.


In addition to a giant eyeshadow palette, the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop includes three minis to give you everything you need for a full face of makeup. There’s a Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer, Melted Chocolate Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chocolate Milkshake and Better Than Sex Mascara.


Not only are the minis adorable–and actually about half size of a full product–but the products themselves are excellent too. I have a full review of the Too Faced Melted in Chocolate Milkshake here, but I love the product and shade. I’m also a big fan of the Shadow Insurance, which does improve the longevity and decrease creasing of my shadows. This was my first time trying out the Better Than Sex mascara and so far I really love it!

too-faced-chocolate-shop-gift-set Of course, the main reason to pick up the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop Kit is the gorgeous giant eyeshadow palette inside. On the top of the palette is an adorable Christmas scene with two people shopping and a little puppy looking in a cake shop window. It helps keep the cardboard palette light and thin, and while I might wish for a mirror, the cardboard doesn’t stand up on its own so I’m not sure how helpful that would be. The best part? The whole palette SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE. It’s a powdery hot chocolate mix scent that’s really delicious. So yummy.


The Too Faced The Chocolate Shop set includes 21 eyeshadows, including three larger base/highlight shades, as well as three large cheek products (a blush, bronzer and highlight shade). The products are broken down into three “looks” which make them easy to pair together, but you can definitely mix across them as well. I’ve swatched the shades by look, since 24 is a lot shades to swatch!

Too Faced The Chocolate Shop Swatches + ReviewThe “Dessert’s On Me” shades from the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop Palette are a mix of cool-toned neutrals. I found Cookie Dough, a pale creamy brown beige matte with sparkles, to be a little difficult to work with and Tootsie, a dark brown matte, a bit patchy. I really love Indulge, a shimmery antique gold, and Inner Light, the creamy shimmery peachy-pink highlight with a duochrome finish.

too-faced-the-chocolate-shop-swatches-review-2The middle section of the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop is “Gingerdoodle” themed and includes the warm neutral shades. This is definitely the section that spoke to me the most and it includes the lovely creamy matte peachy beige shade, Cake Batter, as well as orangey copper shimmer, Butterscotch. The pale white champagne shimmer, Gingerdoodle is also gorgeous, but Lava Cake, a black with copper sparkles, and Chocaholic, a pale brown with silver shimmer, are a bit hard in the pan. Too Faced’s classic Chocolate Soleil bronzer is flawless as usual and it was great trying out the original shade after loving the Dark Chocolate version.

too-faced-the-chocolate-shop-swatches-reviewThe final section of the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop is “Sugar Belles” and it’s full of all the brights you might otherwise be missing! The shadows in this section are the most consistent in terms of formula. Banana Date, the pale yellow cream matte, Honey Dip, the gold shimmer, Pound Cake, the icy pink shimmer, and Sugar Bells, the icy blue shimmer, and Mint Chip, a greenish dark blue shimmer, are honestly all flawless. Jingle Berry is a magenta purple that’s a bit sheer but still great, and the blush, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, is a gorgeous creamy pink with a natural sheen to it. The final shade is Huckleberry, a black with purple sparkle, and it’s a bit flakey but definitely still usable.


The formula of the shadows in the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop is not completely consistent, there are loads of gorgeous shadows but also a few–especially the ones with glitter–that felt a bit chunky or patchy. A couple of the matte shades were also a little hard. However the shimmers as well as all the face products were absolutely stunning, and I think that even the slightly difficult shades would be great paired with the included primer.

too-faced-the-chocolate-shop-review-2 Too Faced The Chocolate Shop Swatches + ReviewThe Too Faced The Chocolate Shop also comes with a little guide for creating looks using all three sections of the palette, and I decided to create the “Gingerdoodle” look mostly because I wanted to use that Butterscotch shade so badly. I tried out this look on one eye with the primer and one eye without, and I found that while it didn’t really intensify the colour–the eye shown is not using any primer–it did help the shadows last longer before creasing and fading. So, wear primer! This set even comes with it.

too-faced-the-chocolate-shop-swatches-review-5I also used all three of the cheek products, as well as the mascara and lip shade included in the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop for this look. I LOVE the end result. That Melted in Chocolate Milkshake is a stunning, flattering shade and the blush is just the most natural pink sheen, which pairs perfectly with the amazing duochromey highlight. This is definitely a holiday palette I could get year-round wear out of! too-faced-holiday-gift-sets-2016I know that Sephora is about to be loaded with holiday gift sets and palettes, so before you get overwhelmed I wanted to share the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop with you. I think this set is not only a great value–$72 Canadian, $58 US -but the products inside offer really great variety and quality. Of course, this isn’t the only amazing Too Faced Holiday Set available and I already have my eye on a few more, like that Grand Hotel Cafe trio of palettes and the adorable Naught Kisses & Sweet Cheeks Set.

Is anything from Too Faced on your holiday wishlist? How about the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop?

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