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essie Spring 2016 Collection Swatches + Review

Essie Spring 2016 Review

Sorry about the unintended hiatus this week. We all have weeks like that right? It was actually a good week for the blog, just not a good week for blogging. Life was chaotic and felt even more that way than it was, I had a massive headache all Friday from the weird weather and spent Saturday hanging out with Jodi from Up The Rollercoaster.  Still, it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m going to try to write up a few posts, starting with the essie Spring 2016 Collection*, which is just too pretty to keep to myself any longer!

Essie Spring 2016 Essie High Class Affair Swatchessie High Class Affair is a peachy nude creme that’s perfect for anyone looking for a subtle and elegant nail colour. It was a little gloopy and uneven with one coat, but with two ends up looking nice and opaque.

Essie Spring 2016 Essie Lounge Lover Swatchessie Lounge Lover is a coral pink creme that definitely says Spring to me. It definitely needs two coats, but if you do them it looks good at the end!

Essie Spring 2016 Essie Off Tropic Swatchessie Off Tropic is a dark forest green that’s basically opaque with one, if you’re careful, but I found it a little bit sheer in places so I went with two. It’s got a gorgeous, super glossy finish that reminds me of a jelly polish and while it’s not a traditional Spring shade I am obsessed!

Essie Spring 2016 Essie Pool Side Service Swatchessie Pool Side Service is a dusty teal creme which is actually a ONE COATER. This perfect formula and gorgeous shade makes me so so happy with this polish!

Essie Spring 2016 Essie Shades On Swatch

essie Shades On is a medium purple, grape creme polish. I just adore purple polish so this was the shade I had my eye on before trying any of them out, and I really did love it applied as well. It is almost opaque with one coat, although I went with two, and has a lovely formula.

Essie Spring 2016 Essie Sunshine State of Mind Swatch

essie Sunshine State of Mind is a slightly muted orange creme with another fantastic formula. It was nearly opaque with one coat but I did use two.

Honestly, between the gorgeous essie Resort 2016 collection (swatched here) and these stunning essie Spring 2016 shades, I’m just so in love with the essie formula lately! If you are looking for gorgeous, opaque cremes you’ll definitely want to check these out. My personal favourites are the Off Tropic, Pool Side Service and Shades On. What’s yours?

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