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essie retro revival collection

essie retro revival collection

An exciting, almost, kinda new essie collection just launched! That’s the essie retro revival collection*, which brings back 6 of the brand’s most popular shades to celebrate their 35th anniversary. I absolutely love this idea and although I don’t have essie Starry Starry Night which is the shade I am most excited about (yet!) I do have four others to share with you.

essie retro revival collection essie bikini with a martini swatch

essie bikini with a martini is a sheer, iridescent pink with a golden sheen that  was originally released in 2006. essie has a lot of intentionally sheer shades, and although I personally prefer an opaque finish, this has a really even, pretty finish to it with 2 coats. essie retro revival collection essie birthday suit swatch essie birthday suit is a pale milky nude with a semi-opaque finish. This is one of the original 12 essie shades first launched in 1981! I think it’s pretty cool that essie relaunched one of the originals, but this does feel like an older shade to me. I used 2 thick coats. essie retro revival collection essie life of the party swatch

essie life of the party is a darker red with a bit of a glow to it, which is hard to describe but very pretty. This shade originally launched in 2002, and took 2 coats for an opaque finish.

essie retro revival collection essie sequin sash swatch

essie sequin sash is a is a sheer beige with silver sparkle, and it’s definitely a nostalgic shade! It was originally released in 2005, and has a thin formula that’s sheer with 2 coats but still very pretty because it’s applies nicely.

I think the essie retro revival collection is such a cool idea and I love that they’ve brought back some of the much-loved shades of the past. Out of the 4 I tried, Life of the Party was an easy favourite, but I definitely still want to pick up Starry Starry Night. What do you think of these polishes? Do they remind you of the past?

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