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Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatch and Review

School has gotten me down lately so I figured I’d share a summery manicure to brighten up my mood. I don’t generally feel like I have to wear fall shades in fall, or summer shades in summer, but sometimes it’s nice to be seasonal, especially when summer colours are so cheerful like Essie Mint Candy Apple. When I pulled it out, I realized I hadn’t worn it since last summer, so it was nice to pick up again.

essie mint candy apple 3

Like a lot of white-based polishes, the formula on Essie Mint Candy Apple is pretty streaky, especially with the first coat. Luckily a second coat evened it out quite a bit. I ended up using a third coat on one or two nails, including my pinky in these photos although you can’t really tell the difference–that was kinda the point!

essie mint candy apple 4

I honestly forgot how much I liked Essie Mint Candy Apple until I picked it up again. It’s really (as far as I can tell) a true mint. I have since been tempted by many other mint-ish shades, but they often lean a bit too-blue or too-green. Essie Mint Candy Apple is the Goldilocks not too big, not too small, but just right.

essie mint candy apple 2

I thought the lasting power of Essie Mint Candy Apple was pretty good with my Wet ‘N’ Wild top coat (although I really don’t like that thing and it seemed to take forever to dry, causing some denting especially on my right (non-swatching) hand.) I also got a few compliments on my polishes and even inspired a friend to paint her nails mint as well.

The brushes are very thin on Essie polishes and although I don’t usually find that a problem, with a naturally streaky polish like Mint Candy Apple I did wish for a bigger brush.

essie mint candy apple 1

Essie Mint Candy Apple was actually bought for me by my grandma along with Essie Lilacism and I’m glad I picked it out when we went shopping together. It’s formula isn’t perfect, but the colour is great and I’m glad to have it in my collection. Even writing up this post makes me want to wear it again, so I guess that’s a good sign!

Do you have Essie Mint Candy Apple or another one of their mints? Or do you have a favourite mint from another brand? Let me know what you think of this polish and feel free to complain about Essie’s brushes in the comments.

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