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essence play with mint & rock my world

essence play with mint & rock my world swatchesI loved the original essence nail polish formula, which was opaque and even and only $2, so I was a little surprised to see the brand revamp the entire line. I mean, why mess with the best? But the new essence gel nail polish keeps all the things I love, but makes for an even shinier, longer-lasting polish. I have two of the shades, essence play with mint* and essence rock my world*, swatched today, and then I combined the two for some super basic nail art.

essence play with mint swatchesessence play with mint is a bright mint pastel creme which is even and opaque in 2 coats. A lot of mints are uneven because of the white base, but this one has a gorgeous formula. Of course, I also still love the essence brush too, it only takes one to two strokes to cover my nail, which helps apply the polish evenly.

essence rock my world swatchesessence rock my world is a dark grey creme, my kind of perfect fall shade especially considering it is gorgeous and opaque in 2 even coats. I really love grey polishes, and even though I received quite a few shades from the essence gel polish lineup (see here) I already know this one will be a favourite!

essence play with mint & rock my world swatches 3Even though my nail art is non-existent at best, I decided to give it a very gentle try.I use the essence the gel nail polish base coat, which dries quickly to a matte finish. Then I appliedĀ essence rock my world, then I used a dotting tool to apply essence play with mint at the edge of my nails. The mint polish is really opaque so it pops nicely against the dark grey, and the two make for a lovely combination. Finally, I applied a layer of the super glossy, essence the gel nail polish top coat, which dried quickly and gave a gorgeous finish to the look.

essence play with mint & rock my worldI’ve got to admit that I haven’t found the wear of the essence gel nail polish to be any longer than the regular line, but I do find the finish extra glossy and adore that top coat. Plus, when it comes to the first two shades I tried, essence play with mint and rock my world, the formula is flawless. I’ll definitely be back to share more shades, and maybe even another novice nail art attempt!

Have you tried essence gel nail polish yet?

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