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Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows in n’Ice Frosting, Jewel Up the Ocean and Chocolate Jewellery

Essence is easily one of my favourite drugstore brands, and they regularly have cool limited edition collections–although there are way more of them in Europe and I wish we got them! A recent collection by them includes the Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows, and I have three shades from the collection to share today: n’Ice Frosting*, Jewel Up the Ocean* and Chocolate Jewellery*.

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows 4

Although I have tried a lot of products by Essence I haven’t actually used any of their eyeshadows, so I was both skeptical and excited to test out the Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows. I was a little skeptical because they looked liked pure glitter on the surface area, but in fact that’s just a glitter coating that quickly swipes away to reveal a metallic eyeshadow instead that is really pretty and not over the top.

Essence Metal Glam EyeshadowsHowever, although the Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows swatched gorgeously– they are super pigmented and so pretty, I ran into another issue as soon as I went to apply them. My brush actually wouldn’t work. Instead this happened:

1-IMG_0965I tried three different brushes including a Mac one, and they all picked up barely any colour. So I actually ended up applying Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows with my finger! The texture of these is a kind of powder-cream hybrid, and because of that I ended up with basically no fallout even though it really looks like there should be from the state of the eyeshadow. These shadows are definitely a bit crumbly. Luckily, this isn’t a palette and all that mess is easily contained.

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows 2

However, the reason the Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows don’t give any fallout is because of how well they adhere to your eyelid. These really did not move once I applied them! Like, they didn’t move so much they were basically impossible to blend. In this case, the fact that they were so pigmented and bright actually becomes a problem, because it’s so difficult to blend them out and transition from one shade to another. These are such pretty colours, but making a decent look with them is quite difficult!

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows 5

In order to use the Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows I ended up continuing to pat one shade on top of the other to form a kind of transition between the two. I used n’Ice Frosting, the white, first on the inner third of my eye, then topped it with the blue Jewel Up the Ocean over the rest of my lid (and part of the white) and then I tried to use the brown, Chocolate Jewellery, in my crease to darken it up a bit. I ended up really loving the look because these shadows are so pretty, but it was so difficult to apply that I am deterred from grabbing any more Metal Glam shades.

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow CollageI wore Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows for a night out and when I took off my makeup that evening the eyeshadows were still perfect. These shadows are bright, have amazing pigmentation and lasting power. However they are also very difficult to apply and blend, which makes it difficult to recommend them unless you are willing to do quite a bit of work and even then you might not get the results you want. Honestly after trying these once I wasn’t sure I would again but looking at these photos, they are just so pretty… I will probably reach for them in the future, but you’ve been warned.

Do you have any products that are both miserable and wonderful at the same time?

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