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Essence Let’s Get Lost Swatch and Review (& Black Sheep Lacquer Vision in Blue)

Featuring the top coat I hate more than anything, this is Essence Let’s Get Lost with a bonus appearance from Black Sheep Lacquer Vision in Blue!

Essence Let's Get Lost 3

This is one of those DAVIDsTEA teals I can’t resist, and actually the first Essence polish I ever tried. It’s lovely! They make such great quality and it’s only about $2 which is awesome. The bottles are smaller (like Julep) but I’m rarely finishing polish anyway, and at least they don’t have an annoying “mini” brush. Overall, I was super impressed and happy with Essence Let’s Get Lost.

Essence Let's Get Lost 4

The formula on Essence Let’s Get Lost was great, smooth and opaque, I ended up doing two coats. All the weird bubbling and damages you see are due to a Wet N Wild top coat that is the bane of my existence. I’ve managed to get through a decent amount of the bottle, but I want nothing more than to throw it out. I just hate throwing things out that aren’t empty! Finish faster, evil top coat.

Essence Let's Get Lost 5

Essence Let’s Get Lost probably isn’t the most unique colour in my collection, but it applies nicely, is glossy and lovely (why did I even put the evil top coat on in the first place?) and does a great job resisting chips, so I’m happy to hold onto it.

Essence Let's Get Lost 2

In fact, my major problem with Essence Let’s Get Lost is that it did such a good job not chipping that I was stuck with it despite the horrible damages done by my top coat, hence Black Sheep Lacquer Vision in Blue came to the rescue.

Essence Let's Get Lost 6

I’ve featured Black Sheep Lacquer Vision in Blue before (review here) but here’s a bonus shot of it over Essence Let’s Get Lost, which is actually how I wore it first. I think it looks so pretty together, the billion types of glitter are gorgeous but don’t overwhelm even when I put it over every nail. Also does a great job of covering up the blemishes! Like concealer for my nails.

Essence Let's Get Lost

What do you think of Essence Let’s Get Lost? Do you have a similar teal you prefer?

Also, what’s your favourite top coat? I’ve fallen in love with another one, but I’ll save that love fest for another day!

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