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Essence Girls Night Out and Candy Crush

I am a pretty big fan of Essence nail polish because not only is it extremely affordable–often around $2 a bottle– but the quality is usually fantastic. It’s been awhile since I shared some shades that weren’t a part of a limited edition collection, but Essence Girls Night Out* and Essence Candy Crush* are two brand new permanent shades for fall.
essence girls night out- essence girls night out- 2Essence Girls Night Out is a bright shimmery pink shade that’s very sparkly and pretty in the bottle but incredibly sheer on the nail. I used three coats and it’s still definitely not opaque, although the camera is a more forgiving than natural light because of all the shimmer. The formula is still easy to apply, and I love the Essence brushes (easy to cover a nail in about two swipes) but I wish Essence Girls Night Out was more opaque. It’s a pretty shade in the bottle but I don’t see myself reaching for it again.

essence candy crush essence candy crush 2The second shade I have to share is Essence Candy Crush which promises a matte finish it doesn’t really deliver, more of a satin one that’s not 100% glossy either unless you use a top coat. That said, it has got a fantastic formula and nearly opaque with one coat although I ended up going with two. Essence Candy Crush is such a rich, vibrant coral, that’s honestly perfect for summer. I also used this shade as a base for some nail art using the Essence Nail Art Tattoo Pen and French Manicure & Pedicure Pen, so you can check out here if you’re interested.

Both Essence Girls Night Out and Candy Crush don’t seem like especially “fall” shades to me, but I don’t mind if my nails stay cheerful awhile longer. I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of Essence Candy Crush and highly recommend grabbing it if you’re looking for a flawless coral shade!

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