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Essence Get BIG! Lashes Triple Black Mascara and Essence Liquid Liner

Essence is one of those drugstore brands that makes basically every product you could ever want, and always at an affordable price. The question then is, are they good quality? In general, the answer is yes, but today I have one hit and one miss with the Essence Get BIG! Lashes Triple Black Mascara* and Essence Liquid Liner*. Keep reading to find out which was which.
Essence Liquid Liner

The main aim of Essence Get BIG! Lashes Triple Black Mascara is to get extremely thick, black lashes. The brush itself is a fairly standard fiber wand, although it does widen slightly at the ends and it is larger than average. It is actually large enough that I sometimes get mascara where I don’t want mascara and if you have small eyes this is probably not the brush for you. The second problem with the mascara comes with the formula– it is very wet. For me, it is too wet and as result I find that it clumps and smears easily. I find the amount of volume to get with this mascara is quite minimal, and the main effect comes from delivering on the carbon black lashes. However, pretty much any mascara will do that, so I just don’t feel like there’s something so special about it that I will forgive the clumping.

Essence Get BIG! Lashes Triple Black Mascara

In the following two photos, the top image shows before using Essence Get BIG! Lashes Triple Black Mascara, and the bottom half is after. It seemed like a lot of photos, but I wanted to show with both my eyes open and shut and I can’t wink so I can’t do one eye each way sadly.  If you are interested in checking out the gorgeous shadows on my eyes in these photos, they are Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows in n’Ice Frosting, Jewel Up the Ocean and Chocolate Jewellery and I reviewed them last month here.

1-Essence Get Big! Lashes Triple Black Mascara 2 coats Collage

You can notice there is a slight increase in volume, but there are also little clumps at the ends of my lashes as a result of Essence Get BIG! Lashes Triple Black Mascara, even with careful application and trying to take as much product off the brush as I could before I applied.

1-Essence Get Big! Lashes Triple Black Mascara 2 coats Collage 3However, now that the miss it out of the way, I can tell you about a second product from the brand that I absolutely loved, and that’s the Essence Liquid Liner.

Essence Liquid Liner 3

The Essence Liquid Liner is available in both regular and waterproof formulas, and I actually won the waterproof in a giveaway but haven’t tried it yet. This is actually the first liquid liner I’ve tried, and I was always pretty scared of them, but I absolutely adore it. It comes in a slender tube, but the unusual part is the tip- it’s made of a foam/sponge type applicator that holds product well and is very soft and easy to apply. I had tried with a felt-tipped market style liner before done it a billion times without any luck. The photos I have of the Essence Liquid Liner are of my first time ever using it. Seriously. It was really quick to apply, and I could do a pretty good job controlling how thick I wanted the line to be.

Essence Liquid Liner 4
Essence Get BIG! Lashes Triple Black Mascara swatch (on left) and Essence Liquid Liner swatch (on right)

In addition to the ease of application, what makes the Essence Liquid Liner so awesome is its pigmentation. It is BLACK. In one stroke you get even, super dark lines so I didn’t have to worry about building to opacity. It does need about 10 seconds to set so you have to be careful after you apply it, but after that it sets and it is there for good. In the photo below I added liquid liner to the same look, which makes it more difficult to tell how the Essence Get BIG! Lashes Triple Black Mascara works but I am also wearing that.

1-Essence Liquid Liner CollageIn addition to the pigmentation and ease of application, the best thing about the Essence Liquid Liner is the lasting power. It honestly lasts all day! It dries pretty quickly, it doesn’t smudge, it is dramatic, and at the end of the day it looks pretty much how it looked when I applied it. Is this love?

Essence Liquid Liner 2Essence is a brand I am a huge fan of, with very affordable prices–both these products are only a few dollars. However even great brands have missteps, and for me the Essence Get BIG! Lashes Triple Black Mascara just wasn’t good enough. However Essence has quite a few different mascaras and I have seen positive reviews before so I am definitely interested in trying more from the brand in the future. One thing I definitely know I will be recommending is the Essence Liquid Liner. I don’t really wear liner, but with a product like this I might just start because it is so lovely to apply and lasts and looks so good. Maybe I’ll even attempt a cat eye?

Do you have a favourite liquid liner? Is it more expensive than $3? If it is, you should consider checking out the Essence Liquid Liner, let me know if you tried it before!

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