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essence fame fatal & wild white ways

essence fame fatal & wild white ways

It was the night before Christmas…and what better time to share another two gorgeous essence the gel nail polishes and another very novice attempt at festive nail art. My first post featured essence play with mint & rock my world and today I’m back with essence fame fatal* and essence wild white ways*. I should also remind you that I love the extra glossy essence the gel nail top coat!

essence fame fatal swatch

essence fame fatal is glossy but slightly sheer cherry red. This festive shade has lots of shine, but after 2 coats there’s still a tiny bit of visible nail line.

essence wild white ways swatch

essence wild white ways is a basic white creme polish which is great to have for using as a base under other shades, or for nail art, or just as an awesome pedicure or nail shade in the summer. Whites are really hard to do well, and unfortunately I did find this one a tiny bit uneven with 2 coats, but it is still a good affordable option or base for other colours.

essence fame fatal & wild white ways 4

I used essence wild white ways as my base for this easy, candy cane inspired look. I applied essence fame fatal using a paint brush to draw diagonal lines. The fact that the red is a little sheer and my hand is a little unsteady gives the look a charming, imperfect quality. Obviously!


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