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essence Effect Nail Polish Swatches

essence Effect Nail Polish SwatchesIt’s officially fall now–I mean, Halloween is less than three weeks away–and I find the cooler weather is really when I start to pull out my GLITTER. So that’s what this post is about, with 7 different shades of the essence Effect Nail Polish* which is available in a variety of finishes including Glitter Jewels, Twinkling Bling Bling, Polka Dots, Jeans Sugar and Galaxy Flakes. There are also other options, but these are all the ones currently in my collection, so it’s time to get swatching!

essence glitter jewels glitz & glam 03 swatchesessence Glitter Jewels in Glitz & Glam (03) is a pink glitter in an iridescent base. I tried topping it over Sally Hansen Affordable on my ring finger, but that was a bad idea, this really needs a black undie to make it pop. On its own, I went with two coats and found it quite difficult to get enough pink glitter on the brush even though there seems to be a ton in the bottle.

essence glitter jewels party in a bottle 06 swatchesessence Glitter Jewels in Party in a Bottle (06) is a sea green glitter with small and medium pieces. I went with 2 coats and it has great coverage but definitely still a shade I would use as a topper rather than try to build up on its own. I think this would be gorgeous over black (I’m going to say that a lot in this post…)

essence glitter jewels party crasher 11essence Glitter Jewels in Party Crasher (11) is a purple micro-glitter. This shade is pretty densely packed, so I went with 3 coats to see if I could get it opaque on its own. It’s not quite there, but you do get a lot of glitter on the brush so depending on the number of coats/thickness you might get this opaque on its own. Personally, I’d apply a coat or two on top of a medium purple shade so I didn’t have to build it up so much.

essence twinkling bling bling never stop dreaming 17 swatchesessence Twinkling Bling Bling in Never Stop Dreaming (17) is a pink, orange and red glitter in an iridescent sheer red base. I went with two coats, which is still quite sheer and a bit difficult to pick up some of the larger glitter. This shade was so stunning in the bottle, but I think it really needs a base colour to bring out the complexity. Over black? Yes, I’m going to have to try that!

essence polka dots laser show 13 swatchesessence Polka Dots in Laser Show (13) has medium black hexes and white white hexes in a sheer, shimmery white base. With 3 coats it’s still quite sheer and could benefit from a base colour, depending on what look you’re going for–I don’t know,  I don’t understand this polish. It is kinda weird and unique, but honestly not my favourite. essence jeans sugar blue-jeaned 07 swatchesessence Jeans Sugar in Blue-Jeaned (07) is a dark blue with a streak of silver shimmer and a very subtle textured finish. This shade went on basically opaque in one coat, although I used two to make sure it was totally even. It’s absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of a starry night!

essence galaxy flakes rock my world 23 swatchesessence Galaxy Flakes in Rock My World (23) is an iridescent lilac grey flakie. I went with 3 coats, which still has some visible nail line but is absolutely gorgeous. It really does give a galaxy feel. I also tried one coat over OPI To Be Continued… which is a really subtle and pretty combination.

essence rock my world opi to be continuedFor a brand whose polishes are some of the cheapest available, essence has some really stunning and unique shades! Out of the 7 shades I tried from the essence Effect Nail Polish line, my favourites are easy–the essence Jeans Sugar in Blue-Jeaned and the essence Galaxy Flakes in Rock My World. What’s yours?

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