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Essence Cookies & Cream Collection + FOTD

Essence Cookies & Cream 5I had mixed emotions about sharing the Essence Cookies & Cream Collection* with you guys. On one hand, they are really great products I’m excited about. On the other hand, ten things is a lot to review in one blog post. I decided the easiest way was to separate out the polishes, so you’ve probably already seen those yesterday (but click here to check out the swatches and reviews if you haven’t) and that leaves me two eyeshadows, an eyeshadow stick, two lipglosses, and a blush. That’s it.

Essence Cookies & CreamLike I said, I already reviewed the Essence Cookies & Cream nail polish here, but they have a pretty streak-free formula for a metallic and I’m especially like the first apricot shade. They come with some cute nail stickers too which was a fun touch by Essence.

Essence Cookies & Cream 2My last experience with Essence eyeshadows was mixed when I tried the Metal Glam collection (check it out here) so I was a little cautious with what I’d be getting in the Essence Cookies & Cream collection. However there may only be two shades, plus a jumbo eye pencil, but they are lovely baked eyeshadows. There’s Essence Macaron C’est Bon, a pale frosty pink that works nicely on on the inner corner or browbone, as well as Essence Last Night a Cookie Saved My Life, a pearly chocolate milk brown. The jumbo eye pencil, Essence Last Night a Cookie Saved My Life, is a similar shade to the shadow, but with a matte finish. Unfortunately it requires a sharper, but it could work well as a shadow base.

1-Essence Cookies & Cream CollageBoth the shadows in the Essence Cookies & Cream Collection are quite soft and can stir up quite a bit of powder if you aren’t careful with your brush. They are quite subtle on the lid without primer, and in this look I am wearing Essence Macaron C’est Bon all over my lid, but especially on the inner third, and brow bone. I used Essence Last Night a Cookie Saved My Life on the outer two thirds of my eye, and the jumbo eye pencil along the top and bottom of my lids. The lovely mascara is Essence Lash Mania Reloaded* and there will be a review of that eventually (I have four Essence mascaras at the moment so I want to do a comparison) but it’s fantastic.

If you want to make the shadows a bit brighter and long lasting, you could use a primer, but I think they are pretty and lovely like this and the look lasted. Baked shadows also work well when used wet, but that’s a bit of a hassle for me. Unlike my last Essence shadows, these were not only nicely pigmented but also all very easy to blend and I definitely hope that Essence releases more shadows like this in the future.

Essence Cookies & Cream 3I was really shocked when I first swatched the blush included in the Essence Cookies & Cream Collection, which is Essence Cake Pop That’s Top is a baked blush in a gorgeous pinky coral shade with subtle shimmer. It is incredibly soft, buttery and pigmented, but you shouldn’t be too hard on it with your brush. This shade and formula are amazing, and I found the blush had decent lasting powering as well. I really love this shade, especially for summer.

Finally there are two lipglosses in sheer, milky shades with a sweet, edible sweet and a lovely creamy feeling. Neither Essence Macaron, C’est Bon! (the slightly pinker shade, similar to the matching eyeshadow) or Essence Be My Cookie Monster (the whiter shade) are very pigmented but they are extremely comfortable on the lips and would be a great way to tone down a bright or dark lipstick. I find the Be My Cookie Monster to be a bit too milky on my lips, but Macaron, C’est Bon! is nicer, just not something I would tend to wear on its own often. However, the lipgloss formula is great and I would definitely try other shades in the line in the future.

Essence Cookies & Cream FaceI decided to an Essence Cookies & Cream FOTD featuring the eye look I shared, as well as the blush and the lipgloss Macaron, C’est Bon!. In addition to the Essence mascara, I am wearing Caudalie Mineral Tinted Moisturizer* (review here) and Benefit Gimme Brow* (review here). I had already test out all the products so I was planning to just use this look for photos and then shower, but I ended up wearing it most of the day. These products are just so pretty!

Essence Cookies & Cream 4I was late getting the Essence Cookies & Cream Collection so unfortunately it is starting to leave stores, but if you see it definitely make sure to grab the blush in particular! I think the shadows and polishes are gorgeous as well, and given how affordable Essence is… well might as well get it all.

What do you think of the Essence Cookies & Cream Collection? Let me know if you’ve grabbed any of these products or if you want to. And don’t forget, GET THE BLUSH.

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