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Essence Beach Cruisers Collection + FOTD

Essence Beach Cruisers Collection  8Well, these collection reviews are a lot of work! But given that by the time I got the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection* it was starting to go on clearance in some places, I wanted to get my review up right away which means combining all eight products into one post! So I know it’s going to be a bit of a long one, but if you’re wondering if you need to grab anything before it disappears forever, keep reading.

Essence Beach Cruisers Collection  6I was most excited about two things from the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection–the polishes and the blush. The blush, we’ll get to soon enough. But the polishes are described by Essence as “the sparkling sand”, which is basically a textured polish with some shimmer in it. They actually remind me a bit of the Sally Hansen Red Velvet from the Sugar Coat collection, because they aren’t exactly sparkly, but they do shimmer. Internationally, there are four shades, and in Canada we got three.

Essence Beach Cruisers Collection 12The most sparkly polish from the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection is I <3 Summer Break, which actually reminds me a bit of a Zoya Pixie Dust and ended up being my surprise favourite of the three. Even with two coats there’s a bit of visible nail line, but it’s not too bad. It’s a really pretty orange-red polish and it’s definitely perfect for a summer collection.  Essence Beach Cruisers Collection 13My least favourite of the three polishes in the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection is the second one, Girls Just Wanna Have Sun! (although the name is pretty cute). The formula on this one just wasn’t as good, not sure if it was my bottle but it was a bit gloopy and pulled away if I didn’t let it dry one hundred percent on the nail, meaning I ended up having to go with three coats to keep it even. It’s a peach shade that dries to a textured finish with shimmer, and it is summery but I just am hard to win over with an orange polish and this one didn’t manage it.

Essence Beach Cruisers Collection 15I actually wore this teal polish, Keep Calm and Go to the Beach! from the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection to a wedding, and it had good wear for the three days I had it on, even though there was no top coat because of the textured finish. This reminds me of the DAVIDsTEA teal which I like, but I wish it had more shimmer in it. I went with two coats which seem to give me good coverage. I really love the brushes on these polishes as well!

Essence Beach Cruisers Collection  2 Essence Beach Cruisers Collection  3Not much to say about this but there’s a cute makeup bag available as a part of the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection (don’t mind the red powder, my blush had a bit of damage in transit). It’s cute and I like the pockets, but I do own a lot of makeup bags already. I appreciate the Essence does non-makeup products to accompany their collections though, I think that’s pretty cute for an younger audience.

Essence Beach Cruisers Collection 5 Essence Beach Cruisers Collection  11This is my third Essence bronzer and they all smell like coconut sunscreen, which is a selling factor for some but definitely means I don’t even want to use them because I do not like the smell. The one that is a part of the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection is called Life Is A Beach and it has a lighter (shimmery) palm tree with a darker (matte) background. Both shades are still pretty light and should work on fair skin, giving it a light glow when blended together. I don’t really use bronzers in general, but I think this is a cute one if you do.

Essence Beach Cruisers Collection Essence Beach Cruisers Collection 9There are also two bright, perfect for summer liquid eyeliner shades in the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection. There’s a metallic copper called Sun, Fun & Copper! as well as a Keep Calm and Go to the Beach! glittery teal that matches the polish of the same name. I like that the packaging is the same colour as the liner, and although I rarely wear liner I think the brush is pretty nice, allowing you to have a thick or thin line depending on how you use it. I would stay away from the lower lash line with the teal though, it does have glitter in it and I got some in my eye and that really bothered it. In terms of lasting powering, Keep Calm and Go to the Beach does stain. Sun, Fun & Copper lasted pretty well on me all day, though I wouldn’t really say that it is waterproof.

Essence Beach Cruisers Collection  4 Essence Beach Cruisers Collection 10Finally, the product I knew I had to have the second I saw the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection–the blush. This blush is AMAZING. It’s called I <3 Summer Break and it’s an apricot to red ombre blush that is shown off through the packaging and blends together gorgeously on the cheek. It’s very soft and pigmented, so it can kick up a little powder depending on the brush you use, but apply it gently and it gives an amazing natural glow. I have never finished a blush but I am tempted to grab a back up, amazing quality at a drugstore price.

Essence Beach Cruisers Collection 14And here’s me doing a FOTD featuring the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection. Unfortunately the teal liner irritated my eye, so I’m really just showing off the copper liner, blush, and I used the inner part of the bronzer as a highlight. I still think the end result is very natural and easy, and I liked the hint of the copper liquid liner with my hazel eyes so much I might even be swayed to use it more in the future. If you’re wondering about the lipstick, it’s the MUA in my Finish 5 By Fall challenge.

Essence Beach Cruisers Collection 7Overall, I think the brand has done a pretty good job with the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection! You must absolutely pick up the blush (I feel like there’s a theme going on here…) and depending on how you feel about the other products they are all well-performing great choices as well. I mean, if you can find it on clearance, might as well grab it all!

What do you think of the Essence Beach Cruisers Collection? Let me know if you picked any of it up, or plan to.

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