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Epicure Selections Tea Haul

I was recently sent four lovely teas from Epicure Selections, and before I get into reviewing them individually I wanted to share them all with you, and also I took some pictures and they are rainbow and pretty. I was sent the Pink Lady Herbal Blossom Tea*, the Citron Sencha Green Tea*, the After Ate Rooibos Tea*, and the Soothing Wellness Tea*.

epicure selections tea haul 2

Epicure Selections is not available in stores, as it is a direct sales company, which means you order through a consultant (like Avon, but with food!) However if you go to order online and don’t have a consultant, you can find one nearby by doing an area code search. Then you can shop and check out normally. In my actual tea reviews I want to focus on the product and not the brand so I thought this would also be a good post for me to be able to link back to in these (and any future) reviews.

epicure selections tea haul 3

One of the things that makes Epicure Selections really special to me and why I was so excited to receive these products is that all of their products (they also sell spices and seasonings for things like dip) are guaranteed gluten free. There is nothing with gluten packaged in their location. There are also no artificial flavours in their teas! One of my tea goals (the first being to drink more of my tea before I buy more…) is to make sure most of the tea I’m drinking does not contain artificial flavours, so it’s great to know that all of the ones in my Epicure Selections Tea Haul are safe!

epicure selections tea haulYou can buy Epicure Selections tea either in bags (as a refill), or along with a metal tin to store your tea in and keep it fresh. It is $3 more expensive with the tin, so it’s a reasonable price but also nice that you don’t need to rebuy the tin to get more of the tea. In terms of the teas themselves, I’m still testing, but expect to see reviews in the next couple of weeks! Soothing Wellness Tea will be first, but if you have a request for the second tea I test let me know.

Have you ever tried anything from Epicure Selections before? Let me know what your favourite tea is at the moment.

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