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Epicure Selections Soothing Wellness Tea

Well now that I’ve gotten Epicure Selections my brand introduction post out of the way (which you can see here) it’s time to start sharing reviews of the tea itself. I drink a lot of tea at night when I’m blogging or reading, so the first one I started drinking was Epicure Selections Soothing Wellness Tea*.
Epicure Selections Soothing Wellness Tea 3

Like all their teas, the Epicure Selections Soothing Wellness Tea is free of gluten and artificial flavours. The ingredient list is short and printed right on the front– not words you can’t pronounce. It contains: lemongrass, ginger, lemon mrtyle, lemon verbena, and tumeric. Notice something missing? Yup, no actual tea leaves in this one. I’m 100% okay with that as many of my favourite teas don’t contain actual tea leaves. It also means the tea is caffeine-free. In addition to being able to drink this tea, Epicure Selections always has recipes online that you can use to cook with any of their teas, for example turning this tea into a Creamy Lemon Dressing which sounds pretty cool.

Epicure Selections Soothing Wellness Tea

I prefer to drink my teas without sweetener, and you can definitely do that with Epicure Selections Soothing Wellness Tea although you can also add some honey. This tea has lighter lemon taste with a definite ginger kick to it, which is lessened when you add honey to it so even though I am happy to drink it without honey, I think I prefer it when it is a little less sharp. Even with the slight kick, this is definitely a night-time tea for me, as the flavours aren’t meant to perk you up. The tea itself is very fine, so I can’t use a normal strainer with it and have to put it in an empty biodegradable tea bag.

Epicure Selections Soothing Wellness Tea 2

In terms of price, Epicure Selections Soothing Wellness Tea contains 85 g and costs $12.00, or $9.00 without the tin which is definitely reasonable.

Overall, I did enjoy the Epicure Selections Soothing Wellness Tea. I think the mix of different lemon flavours adds a complexity to this tea that is nice, although I could do with a little less ginger. While my absolute favourite teas to drink continue to be ones with more fruity flavours, I like keeping a lemon tea on hand for when I’m not feeling great, and I sometimes like having a cup of this in the evening to relax. If you’re a fan of the lemon and ginger tea, this is definitely worth picking up.

Do you drink tea at night to relax? If so, what kind?

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