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Epicure Selections Pink Lady Tea

It’s probably obvious from the limited posting, but I’ve actually been away for awhile and in combination with a very stressful/not fantastic time posting has suffered. I have received a bunch of amazing items though and I am going to work on returning to a more consistent posting schedule, and I’m excited to be back home and able to test things out again. One of those things is the Epicure Selections Pink Lady Tea*, which was by far the tea people were most interested in when I shared my Epicure Selections Haul (here).

Epicure Selections Pink Lady Tea 3

One of the things I love most about Epicure Selections is that all of their teas are free of artificial flavours (and gluten!) Epicure Selections Pink Lady Tea is a caffeine-free, herbal tea filled with completely natural ingredients including organic spearmint, camomile, rose petals, organic hibiscus and lavender. As a result it also looks very pretty!

Epicure Selections Pink Lady Tea 2

In terms of flavour, I have never been a huge lover of teas with mint in them so although I enjoy Epicure Selections Pink Lady Tea it is not going to be my favourite tea ever. That said, it is a nice flavour that you don’t have to add sugar too. There’s a hint of mint along with floral, that makes it slightly soothing and also easy to drink. It is a pretty light tea, but still very flavourful.

Epicure Selections Pink Lady TeaAs might be hoped for given the name, Epicure Selections Pink Lady Tea does in fact turn the water pink. It is a fragrant and floral tea with a hint of mint that I highly recommend if you find those flavours appealing.

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