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Epicure Selections Citron Tea

I’ve come to the last tea in my Epicure Selections Tea Haul (shared here) and I’ve got to say, as pretty as they are, they taste quite lovely too. The last one I have to share is a bit of a surprise because I actually really like, despite being super picky about green tea, and it’s the Epicure Selections Citron Tea*.
Epicure Selections Citron Tea 2Epicure Selections Citron Tea is a light green tea with citrus flavour. The ingredients are sencha green tea, lemongrass, orange peel, lemon myrtle and catendula. Like with all Epicure Selections teas there are no artificial flavours, gluten, or other additives. This is tea with only the good stuff!Epicure Selections Citron TeaEpicure Selections Citron Tea only needs to steep for 2-3 minutes and then you get a light bit of green tea along with the lemongrass flavour, that is easy to drink and does not need any sweetener. I am really picky about green tea because I often find it bitter, which is sometimes due to me brewing it too long and sometimes just due to the flavour, but that is not a problem with this tea. These kinds of lemony teas are also my favourite to drink when I’m not feeling well.

Epicure Selections Citron TeaI wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Epicure Selections Citron Tea because in general, I go for herbal, black, or mate teas over green, but this is a definite hit. It’s a soothing tea with an uncomplicated flavour and if you’re looking for a lemongrass and green tea, it is definitely worth picking up.

How do you feel about green tea?

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