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eos Shave Cream

eos Shave Cream 3Long-time readers (just writing that makes me chuckle, but hey, if you’ve been around my blog since 2013 you can be a long-time reader) might remember that I’ve actually shared my thoughts on the eos Shave Cream* not once (here), but twice (here again). However, it looks like the formula has changed a bit so I figured it was time for my yearly revist of the eos Shave Cream.

eos Shave CreamThe eos Shave Cream comes in an opaque pump container and is available in three scents and I’ve tried them all but I recently revisited Lavender Jasmine and Pomegranate Raspberry. There’s also a super yummy Vanilla Bliss option I talked about here.

eos Shave Cream Lavender Jasmine I don’t have an bottle of the original eos Shave Cream formula to compare, but I believe this one is quite similar, but slightly less thick in consistency. As a result, I don’t have to rinse out my razor as much as I remember so I find it easier to use. However, it’s definitely still a shave cream–it is more like a luxurious lotion in the shower than it is a traditional shave gel that foams up. You can use this dry because of how creamy it is, but that’s not really something I do.

eos Shave Cream Pomegrante RaspberryExactly as you would expect with eos, the scents are amazing. My personal favourite is the fruity, delicious Pomegranate Raspberry that smells absolutely edible, but the Lavender Jasmine is a calming, subtle floral mix as well. I definitely find these products moisturizing and they leave my skin feeling smooth and soft.

eos Shave Cream 2I’ll admit I sometimes neglect shaving my legs during the cooler months, but with hot summer days I like to keep them smooth and eos Shave Cream does an excellent job at that! Now all I need is a beach…

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