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A England Avalon

A England Avalon 2I’ve been slacking but it’s definitely time for another polish in Indie August (with my upcoming move next week this may be the last one I share, but I am trying to get one more in if I can). However, I couldn’t do any sort of blog feature/series and not share a purple polish, so today’s offering is the bright and glowy, A England Avalon.

A England AvalonI’ve never shared a polish from the brand before, but in addition to A England Avalon, I actually own a handful of other A England shades, all of which I got by purchasing a batch off a girl in a polish group for a really good deal. Although I was mostly excited about the holos, I did end up with a few more that just looked really pretty from Googling swatches, and one of them was A England Avalon. I mean, just look how bright and glowy that purple shade is? It definitely does the whole “lit from within” effect and sometimes have a bit of a blue cast to it depending on the light.

A England Avalon 3I only need two coats of A England Avalon to get full coverage although it doesn’t look 100% even in the photos, it looked great in person.  The wear on it was pretty good and it still looked decent at three days, and overall, I mean it is PURPLE, but I guess there’s something not quite as special about this polish as I expected, or maybe I’m just jaded. A England has some gorgeous amazing shades (and hopefully I’ll actually share a few more of them with you) and while Avalon is nice, it hasn’t completely stolen my heart. Sigh. Maybe my heart is cold? Tell me what you think!

Indie-AugustLet’s end summer with a little bit of Indie Lovin’, and a whole bunch of fabulous, sparkly, gorgeously unique nail polishes. Be sure to head over to, Workaday Ramblings, and Writing Whimsy for full coverage! Don’t forget to play along by tagging your own manicures with the #IndieAugust tag!

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