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Easter Pastels with Essie

There are some brands I own quite a few polishes from– mainly, Julep, China Glaze, and Essie. So when I was digging in my collection to feature some nice pastels for Easter (as suggested by Natalie) I decided to go with a one brand post and showcase 4 Easter Pastels by Essie that have never been shared on Writing Whimsy before.

Easter Pastels 3I don’t wear a ton of pastels, but spring time is perfect for them and although they don’t look great on me in person, there’s something really pretty and delicate about pastel nails. For my Easter Pastels, I went with a purple, pink, blue, and green, all by Essie. On my pinkie nail I have Essie Go Ginza, a pastel but still bright purple with great coverage in two coats. On my ring finger there’s, Essie Fuji, a pastel pink that reminds me a bit of Pepto-Bismol in the right lighting and it is a bit streaky and sheer, even with three coats.

Easter PastelsMy Easter Pastels with Essie features Essie Borrowed & Blue on my middle finger, a gorgeous opaque baby blue in two even coats. Finally, on my ring finger I have Essie Absolutely Shore, a pastel sea foam green I lusted after for awhile before I got it but the formula itself is quite sheer and not flawless even with three coats.

Easter Pastels 2I’m not super talented at nail art, although I’m still trying, but some skittle nails are a great way to mix it up with something fun. Using pastels makes it subtle but spunky, and although I went with Essie there are other brands you could dupe this with as well. In terms of the polishes, Essie Go Ginza and Essie Borrowed & Blue are definitely the standouts formula-wise and I can see myself reaching for them again soon.

What do you think of Easter pastels? Do you paint your nails to match the season or holiday?

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