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Earth-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide: Kiss My Face and Tom’s of Maine

Earth-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide 5I was really excited when I saw the brand new Kiss My Face Air Kiss 2 in 1 Light Moisturizing Lotion*, and that formed the basis for a little Earth-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide, which also includes the Tom’s of Maine Men’s Deodorant* and Kiss My Face Pure Olive Soap*. All three of these products are great choices for the people in your life who are concerned about the ingredients in their products, and I think they all work well as gifts for both men and women.

Earth-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide 3I had tried a spray lotion once before, but it wasn’t an an aerosol one, so I was really excited to test out the new Kiss My Face Air Kiss 2 in 1 Light Moisturizing Lotion, which I received in Lavender Shea. It does an awesome job disturbing a fine but powerful mist, and honestly, it makes putting on lotion so easy. I never really realized putting on lotion was something that needed to be easier–but believe me, it’s nice when it is! I love using this after a shower all over my body, then rub it in a bit, and I’m ready to go in 30 seconds. It absorbs very quickly, is non-greasy and has a nice, relaxing lavender scent. It’s not a super intense lotion, but it is nice, and also contains sunflower oil, aloe and vitamin E. It’s available in other scents as well and I think this would make a great gift for anyone because it’s fun and effective.

Earth-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide 2I shared the Tom’s of Maine Men’s Deodorant in a previous earth-friendly gift guide here, and I still like it! It has a very nice fresh scent, and contains no aluminum. I haven’t fully tested it for how effective it is, but I am planning to in the near future, because I’m sadly being disappointed by my LaVanila. Also, this deodorant may say men’s, but it’s definitely a scent I would use as well. Everyone needs deodorant, so I think a nice one makes a great stocking stuffer. Along with chocolate, of course.

Earth-Friendly Holiday Gift GuideThe final product in my Earth-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide is a release with special holiday packaging, which is the Kiss My Face “Olive” The Season 3 Bars of Pure Olive Oil Soap. This stuff is as natural as it gets–only three ingredients: saponified olive oil, water, and sea salt! It has a cute cardboard label making it easy to gift it just the way it is, and contains no fragrance although it does smell sorta like olive oil. It lathers well and doesn’t “melt” easily in the shower, although in the winter time I would definitely follow up with a lotion afterwards…maybe the one in this post! My mom loves bar soap and natural products, so I will definitely be sharing some of these with her.

What do you think of the products in this Earth-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide? Are you as obsessed with spray lotions as I now am?

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